Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia

Ardel Crystal
Ardel Crystal Information
Possible Alternate Names:Mini Frozen Eye (Aurica)

Ardel Jewelry (Misha)

Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)アーデル結晶体 (Ardel Crystal)
Romaji (Original)aaderu kesshoutai

Name in Kanji/Kana (Alternates)氷の瞳ミニ (Mini Frozen Eye) - (Aurica)

アーデルジュエリ (Ardel Jewelry) - (Misha)

Romaji (Alternates)koori no hitomi mini (Aurica)

aaderu jueri (Misha)

Can be equipped byLyner, Jack, Krusche, Radolf, Ayatane
DescriptionAn accessory with a small purple crystal. Resistance to all types of magic will increase.
EffectFire Resist +50, Ice Resist +50, Lightning Resist +50, Wind Resist +50
Available Enhancement SlotsNone
Recrystallizes IntoS All Resists Boost
A All Resists Failed
B Low MP for Red
C Amber Amp
Selling Price762 Leaf
Flanmelt Magnet

Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica

(more coming soon...)

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