Ar nosurge tube

The Ar nosurge Tube.

The Ar nosurge Tube (アルノサージュ管, arunosaajukan?) is the final type of vacuum tube that was developed by Tenmon during the final years of Planet Ra Ciela, and unlike the Ciel nosurge Tubes and the Neptron Tube that were developed previously, it has the particularity that it allows the exchange of emotions and energy with other worlds beyond the Seven Dimensions. It could be said that despite the retro-futuristic looks it owes to being a vacuum tube, it is an epoch-making device due to the fact that it allows to establish actual contact with other dimensions: in other words, this Tube itself is the reason the Interdimend can exist.

And while it was possible to establish contact with other dimensions prior to the creation of the Ar nosurge Tube, it required equipment of incredibly large sizes and it consumed energy amounts that would be equivalent to a complete planet in mass, so these methods weren't really practical. It must be noted though, that the Ar nosurge Tube proper is actually the three small tubes on top of the device, as the large tube at the bottom is actually a Dive Console used for Interdimend contact and for executing maintenance on the Tube itself.

The Tube is stationed in the Star Singer's Platform, at the very top of the Colony Ship Soreil, and it is within its Dive console where Ion was asleep during the events of Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta. Additionally, the Tube itself and its Interdimend program are controlled by a Cieln called Class::AR_NOSURGE;, which in the world of the player is the game known as Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

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