Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica Boss
アルフマン (Alfman) (arufuman)
Alfman (boss)
Level HP
-- 6000
Attack Defense Speed
204 219 104
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
60 60 30 40
Pain Resistance Sickness Resistance Virus Resistance Sealed Resistance
Weak Immune Immune Immune
Stun Resistance Instant Death Resistance
Immune Immune
EXP Leaf
516 1000
Location Grand Bell Mothership
Class Boss
Abilities Dagger Swipe

Disease Shot
Dynamite A
Dynamite A'
Dynamite A
Dynamite B
Rocket Shot
Simultaneous Swipe

Rare Drop D-Crystal: HotPassion JU
Semirare Drop D-Crystal: HolyWorld BI
Normal Drop
DescriptionHead of the Grand Bell Hall. He aimed to achieve Metafalica to create the ideal world, but became our enemy due to great ideological differences. He carries numerous dangerous weapons like bombs and blades.

The current ruler of Metafalss, which is fought by the party when he tried to escape from said land after Metafalica was shown to be a failure with the creation and subsequent disappearance of Gaea.

Alfman is accompanied by a Chancellor Guard and a Chancellor Reyvateil, both of which can be real annoyances due to helping him deal damage to the party and the fact that the Chancellor Reyvateil can heal him, so the first task the player should do is getting rid of the Reyvateil so she can't continue healing the enemies. Alfman himself is as strong as both varieties of the Mind Guardian, and also has access to a wide variety of very damaging skills: Dagger Swipe is a slash that hits a party member once; Disease Shot fires several poisoned rounds to a party member, hitting him or her five times and possibly inflicting the Sick status; Dynamite A, Dynamite A' and Dynamite A'' all hit a party member once for varying amounts of damage; Dynamite B hits all party members four times; Rocket Shot hits all party member four times; and finally, his special Simultaneous Swipe, in which he pops out an impossible number of weapons out of his coat and unloads them on the party; hitting all party members for nine hits of large damage.

Given this arsenal of attacks, the player should be very careful when guarding against Alfman, as well as his cronies. Additionally, due to his large resistance against Ice and Fire-elemental attacks, it's advisable to not use Song Magic unless its a non-elemental one, such as Pepen or Lady Momoyo, both of which should be enough to one-shot him at around 30000% Burst.


Alfman is also fought in Jacqli's Cosmosphere, and despite the fact he was quite threatening during his boss battle, in the Cosmosphere he is laughably easy to defeat.

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