Akashic Record
Akashic Record Information
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)アカシクレコード (Akashic Record)
Romaji (Original)akashiku recoodo

DescriptionA rare item you can even call super rare. If you need it, you can go on a desperate search, but it'll still be hard to find.
Recrystallizes IntoSpecial Grade
Selling Price5000 Leaf
Dropped ByDeathroid: Grade 4
Zero: Grade 4
Hellstorm: Grade 4
Flame Wyvern: Grade 4
Drake Lord: Grade 4
Demon Mir: Grade 3
Tastiella: Grade 3
Used in SynthesizingMercury Element
Eoria's Serenade

According to Shurelia, this item can't be created through Grathmelding due to being a piece of lost technology from the First Era. It was said to be a very high capacity holographic storage device that showed information in a three-dimensional display in the round disc in its center. A special device is needed to access to its contents, but all such readers are believed to have been lost since centuries ago. Therefore, using it in Grathmelding is akin to using a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc as a frisbee.


This item is also featured in Cross Edge as a synthesis material.

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