Airmetal Jacket
Airmetal Jacket Information
Possible Alternate Names:Stuffed Jacket (Aurica)

Jamor (Misha)

Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)エアメタルジャケ (Airmetal Jacket)
Romaji (Original)eametarujake

Name in Kanji/Kana (Alternates)具だくさんジャケ (Packed Jacket) - (Aurica)

ジャロイ (Jarmor) - (Misha)

Romaji (Alternates)gudakusanjake - (Aurica)

jaroi - (Misha)

Can be equipped byLyner, Jack, Krusche, Radolf, Ayatane
DescriptionA combat suit thoroughly made to be lightweight and to have high defense. So light you'll almost forget you have it on.
EffectHP +382, Defense +657, Wind Resist +50, Agility +200
Available Enhancement SlotsAll
Recrystallizes IntoS Haste
A Defensive Shield∞
B Overcome Lightning
C Big Bro Toughness
Selling Price416 Leaf
IngredientsOptical Camo Robe
Grathnode Crystal

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