Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Air Fort One
エアフォート・ワン (Airfort One) (eafooto wan)
Air Fort One
Monster Card:Fort2
Level HP
53 4682
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1350 1214 0 71
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
25 25 25 13
EXP Leaf
374 340
Location Tail of Reminiscence

Prism Garden

Class Fort
Abilities Burn Missile

Sky Drive

Grade 4 Drop Wind Chaser
Grade 3 Drop Very Strong
Grade 2 Drop MP Converter
Grade 1 Drop Regular Fire
DescriptionA reconstructed version of the Type 1025. Its armor and attack power are much more powerful.

The second monster in the line of the Fort-type enemies, this one is pretty much an upgraded version of the Type 1025. It has higher stats, but it replaces the Dual Chamber Gun attack with Sky Drive, which merely causes physical damage. As with the Type 1025, try to take it down before it calls for help.

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