This is a backup of the wave theory lecture found here.

Made because the rpgdl forums are sometimes offline for an extended period. Due to differences in translators, some terms might differ from how they are translated in the rest of the Wiki.

Shurelia ava rpgdl Hi everyone, I'm back! Took me a while to keep Mir out of this corner, but fear not, for I have returned safely. Now, where did Frelia leave off... the difference in the body structures of Third Generation RTs.. and Origins!!!? Huh? Ummm... it is somewhat embarrassing to talk about the inside of my own body, so.... let's just go over the Third Generation RTs this time.

Now, as far as the difference between the Third Generation RTs and Beta Pure Blood Types are concerned, they actually aren't that complicated. The Third Generation RTs have a body like humans, which aren't solely composed of H Waves and are capable of natural growth and aging(thus they continue to age after they reach 18). This also means, however, that they don't have the Core Triangular Ring, which is artificially created. Other than this, they inherit most characteristics of a Beta Pure Blood Type.

This also leads to a potentially fatal crisis for the Third Generation RTs, as the RT's body parts need to be materialized constantly by the Dynamic H Waves released from the Ring. Thus, Third Generation RTs need a new source of Dynamic H Waves in order to maintain their body, and unfortunately that new source becomes their own Static H Waves. A part of NEE(the RT's internal life sustaining system) called the HD Conversion Ring automatically triggers once it detects a lack of Dynamic H Wave supplies; this will vibrate the RT's own Static H Waves to convert them into Dynamic H Waves to sustain the body... but this is nothing short of suicidal. The RT is burdened with extra wave frequency while in this state, and by the time they reach age 18, the demands for Dynamic H Waves would get so huge that the vibrations of the Static H Waves would surpass the body's natural ability to revert them, ultimately killing the RT.

This is the very reason why a Third Generation RT needs to install the Diquility Crystal every three months to survive. Diquility Crystals are solidified blocks of high purity Static H Waves that posses no characteristics. They will be fed into the HD Conversion Ring once installed and become the source of Dynamic H Waves in place of the RT's own Static H Waves until it the block is fully converted, which takes place over three months.

And here is where we'll end today's lecture. Now that I think about it, I really should get Diquility socialized here like Metafalss does. Tenba has profited from it for long enough now. Making Diquility more accessible would probably elevate the RTs' status in Sol Ciel too...

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