This is a backup of the wave theory lecture found here.

Made because the rpgdl forums are sometimes offline for an extended period. Due to differences in translators, some terms might differ from how they are translated in the rest of the Wiki.

Jakuri rpgdl

Welcome back to the Wave Science Lecture. I'll be in charge of today's lesson in place of Shurelia. Hmph, how foolish of her, thinking she could do this without me noticing. Hm? Who am I? Go look it up for yourself. Now, let's get started.

Today's topic is the Hymmnos Wave (H Wave), the wave of minds and life. H Waves are astral waves, quite different from D Waves which are ether waves, thus they contain much less physical property. H Waves are, however, similar to the D Waves in that they are also divided between static and dynamic waves. Static H Waves are immobile waves that form life energy, soul, and personal will, which would be the Cosmosphere. Dynamic H Waves are constantly radiating waves that compose thoughts and emotions, which means they create brain waves, voices and other things with invisible properties.

All life forms are capable of exerting Dynamic H Waves through their organs and expressions. Human ears are capable of receiving Dynamic H Waves with frequencies between 1Hz to 20kHz as voices, but almost all Dynamic H Wave produced by life forms contain frequencies ranging higher than this, which compose emotions and the thoughts of a person. The stronger the emotion, the higher the wavelength. As we are lacking physical organs to receive them, we can only use our own Static H Waves as receptors, which would be "feeling it in our souls" as some people put it. These higher frequencies are attached to many physical objects as well. For example, the emotions that people feel when they read a book or view a painting are actually the Static H Wave of the person being affected by the Dynamic H Waves contained in that particular object. When our own Static H Waves make contact with outside Dynamic H Waves, they will ripple and form Dynamic H Waves as well, which causes us to change our minds or causes changes in the emotions we're feeling, and can lead to inspirations as well. This is basically how Reyvateils can learn their new Hymmnos Words through diving, but we'll save the details on that for another time.

This will be all for today's lesson, come back next time for more details on the anatomy of Reyvateils, or possibly the origin of the universe if you like. Heh heh... it seems this corner can be dragged on for a good while, I am certainly not letting Shurelia have this corner back easily now...

Note: The editing done was at Niu's request that words that were part of the Hymmnos and changed in the English version be reverted to their original spelling.

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