This is a backup of the wave theory lecture found here.

Made because the rpgdl forums are sometimes offline for an extended period. Due to differences in translators, some terms might differ from how they are translated in the rest of the Wiki.

Shurelia ava rpgdl Hello everyone, and welcome to the Wave Science Lecture. This lecture will be replacing the Fact Center for a short time to provide you detailed lectures on the wave sciences from the planet of Sol Ciel. I am Shurelia, the administrator of Ar tonelico First Tower, and I shall be hosting these lectures. Now, let us begin.

All the phenomena in our universe, whether physical or astral, are composed of various complicated sequence of waves. There are 8 types of waves in total: R, N, Tz, D, Vx, K, H, and S waves. All the waves can also be found in two forms, as either Dynamic Waves or Static Waves. Dynamic Waves can be described simply as energy; heat, light, magical power, and so on. Static Waves are the power that maintains existence, the waves that allow an entity to exist as it is. You can picture it as an aggregation of molecules or as an "existence" in and of itself.

Among these waves, the Detail Wave (D Wave) will be our subject today. They are the ether waves that compose all physical existences and phenomena. Matter is composed of Static D Waves, which themselves are formed through the crossing of a number of Dynamic D Waves from multiple vectors colliding. The point at which the waves meet is known as a Minimal Point. Dynamic D Waves by themselves are physical energies traveling in a specific direction which are unbalanced when alone but can stabilize when they cross and form Static D Waves. The resulting Static D Waves can have nearly infinite resulting forms based on the spectrum, vibration, and travel direction of the individual waves that make them up. For example, the Static D Wave of solid steel has been identified to be formed from the crossing of five separate Dynamic D Waves of various frequencies arriving from five separate directions. Based on this, a Static D Wave is the force of multiple Dynamic D Waves exerted from specific directions at the Minimal Point, therefore Static D Waves do not travel as they will always remain on the Minimal Point(for example, a piece of solid steel does not move around by itself despite the waves that compose it moving constantly). Also, the physical state of the matter formed changes as the spectrum, vibration, and direction of the crossing waves change. The frequency of the Static D wave can range from 1Hz up, with no known end to how high it can reach. The higher the frequency, the higher the density of the resulting matter. Up to 20kHz would be air, up to 56MHz would be liquid, and up to 2.16GHz would be solid. Matter with frequency higher than 2.16GHz is yet to be identified.

Thus, to put it simply, Dynamic D Waves are pure physical energy which become Static D Waves and form actual matter when they cross. When the stability of the Static D Wave is broken, it will cause a change in the matter which it forms.

Dynamic D Waves can also be produced by Hymmnos Magic. Skipping all the details, Hymmnos Magic functions by releasing Dynamic D Waves from Ar tonelico's Hymmnos Magic Server. Thus, instead of being some form of super natural phenomenon, Hymmnos Magic is just using the tower to exert a third party Dynamic D Wave to cause changes in physical matter.

So, in conclusion, to make a simple example between the Static and Dynamic D Waves, just think of water and ice as Static D Waves and the energy that changes water to ice or ice to water as a Dynamic D Wave. All clear now? Good. This will be all for today's lecture, remember to return next time for the lesson on Hymmnos Waves.

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