Translation of this article.

The acronym for Dynamic Hymmno Wave, or dynamic mental wave.
As this refers to [feelings] and [will], they are forced into oscillation whenever a human thinks [I want to do this!] and express their feelings.
Whenever they think they [hate] someone or that they are [having fun] right now, the DHWs are forced to oscillate by the SHWs (soul) and are propagated through their surroundings.
We call this in a variety of ways here on Earth, like the [power of words] or [prayers].
So the stronger the feelings' powers are, the stronger the DHWs that will be output from them.
But speaking in practical terms, these feelings won't ever be able to influence the world no matter how strong they might be.
The Song Magic-using Genoms can amplify the powers in these DHWs from several thousand to several tens of thousand times. That is the reason why they can cause miracles to occur.

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