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003 Illustration Gallery

011 Chapter 1: The Songstresses

012 Aurica Nestmile

022 Misha Artsellec Lune

032 Shurelia

038 Initial Sketches of the Heroines

040 Level E Costume Gallery

041 Chapter 2: Characters

042 Lyner Barsett

043 Radolf Schnaizen

044 Jack Hamilton

045 Krusche Elendia

046 Leard Barsett

047 Claire Branch

048 Spica Neal

049 Lyra Ross Ritel

050 Flute Ross Loria

051 Tastiella De Lu

052 Mei Mei

053 Ayano Raizer Elduke

054 Garzburn Luke Rald

055 Outstanding Supporting Characters that Give Color to the Story

056 Bourd Rade

057 Bishop Falss

058 Ayatane Michitaka

059 Mir

060 Initial Sketches of the Characters

063 Chapter 3: Sol Ciel

064 History of Sol Ciel

072 Ar tonelico

086 Glossary

096 Song Magic

098 Hymmnos

107 Chapter 4: Development Materials

108 SD Character Illustrations

112 Enemies

114 [Wave Science] Lecture for Advanced Graders

118 Interview with the Producer and Director

122 Related Merchandise

123 Short Story Written for this Book:
-Ar tonelico Sidestory- The Queen of the Underworld

Page 4:

Promotional Illustration

Page 6:

Promotional Illustration

Page 7:

Special Illustration used in the WonderGoo preorder bonus

Page 8:

Special Illustration used in the Softmap preorder bonus

Page 9:

Special Illustration used in the Messesanou preorder bonus

Page 10:

Special Illustration used in the Medialand preorder bonus

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