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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center

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Technical Service Center!
Since the contents for the questions you're all sending have become so advanced, a relatively normal person like myself is unable to answer them.
However, since this issue featured a question directed at me, I was able to come to this corner like I did long ago.
As I can answer any questions about historical facts or the state of affairs of Metafalss if I get asked about them, try to send some questions about these topics, if you please.



The Reyvateils from Metafalss (aside of the IPDs) use Ar tonelico through its connection to Sol Marta, correct?
So does that mean that when Suspend reduced the functions of the First Tower to their bare minimum, it also had an effect on the Metafalss Reyvateils?
It was inevitable, but didn't this cause any trouble... for situations where a squad was containing an IPD or something and their supporting Reyvateils were unable to sing Song Magic...?



Indeed, it did cause great trouble for us.
As far as I recall, half of Metafalss collapsed at that time. As everyone who played Ar tonelico 2 should know, our land of Metafalss was created through a Song.
If the Sol Marta that keeps singing it into existence suffers from a lack of Symphonic Power, that will cause fissures to appear in our world. When the First Tower was suspended, half of the Reyvateils living here unable to use their Song Magic, and our world was plagued by earthquakes and collapses.
I was very shocked, since at the time, I was unaware about the causes behind it.



I'm sorry, Lady Cloche.
I'll make sure to make Lady Shurelia apologize later, so please forgive us.



Lady Shurelia can put on and take off her Linkage freely, but can Lady Frelia control her wings to make them hide or something? Or Lady Frelia had small wings when she looked like a little girl and the wings just kept on growing as she did?



Unfortunately, I can't hide my wings. If I could, I think my stay on the surface would have been much more peaceful.
But I might haven't turned all lovey-dovey with Enja if I could... I think that, and I end up thinking again that not being able to hide my wings isn't so bad a thing.
I think it wouldn't be mistaken to think of my wings like the flower petal-like things that sprout from Sis' thighs.



There are part of my clothes, so wouldn't they be different from your wings?
I'll take them off later on to show you.



During the game, there was a scene where Cocona said the same words Lakra said at the same time as her, but why did that happen?



That happened because my feelings spread throughout Infel Phira's inside and ended leaking through Cocona because she was so nearby to my location.
As you should know, we IPDs have our Shared Consciousness Fields located in a relatively low wave frequency band, and I have the ability of moving through that frequency band.
And Infel Phira had long ago a Mode called Torcarrol (which is a Mode that allows the Queen (the one who has the role of boss for the IPDs) to remotely control a group of IPDs that are located the closest to her), so by constantly making use of it, I gained the ability to find the three-dimensional coordinates where each and every IPD was in any give moment.
Therefore, while I was accomplishing the function of being an IPD radar, it was normal that I could influence the IPDs that were physically close to me (strictly speaking, that were inside Torcarrol's valid range).
It's true that if I could gain proper control of it, that event wouldn't have happened, but I was unprepared and got caught off guard because I didn't expect them to be there at that time.
It's because of this that Cocona ended entering the valid range for Torcarrol and that she got affected by it.



According to the Hymmnoserver, it seems that the song names are also registered as "Hymmnos Proper Nouns" in the Song Magic Server, with Purger being Central Standard Note, Metafalica as (naturally (?)) Ancient Metafalss Note, and so on...
The Note to which each Hymmnos Proper Noun belongs has any relation to the special characteristics of the Hymmnos (like functions or the algorithms used in is program)?
Also, wouldn't the Hymmnos Proper Nouns registered in the Infel Phira Song Magic Server (METHOD-types) get all registered as New Testament of Pastalie nouns?



The Proper Nouns don't really have any special relationship with the functions of their corresponding Hymmnos.
Normally, the Note they will get registered under will be decided by the person registering them, leaving out the METHOD-type Hymmnos from the New Testament of Pastalie.
Generally speaking, it's typical for the proper noun to be registered under the Note whose words were used the most in that Hymmnos.



It's possible to Dive into a Reyvateil that has lost consciousness?



Of course it's possible. When you've lost consciousness, your mind is still working normally even though your body is suspended. It's very similar to being asleep.
In other words, mentally you're still working fine. So in other words, it wouldn't be problematic to Dive into someone just because they're fainted. However, if they haven't fainted but their mind has actually stopped working, it's a separate issue.
As you might know just from overlooking the situation, it'd be very difficult. For example, I think it'd be possible to Dive into someone who lost consciousness just because of a blow to the head. But if some kind of data manipulation was being done from inside the Server, the mind would begin suffering from severe anomalies that would be unthinkable for them to happen during a Dive in the Soulspace, making Dives impossible.
So to summarize, the possibility of Diving into someone who lost consciousness would be different for each case.



And thus, the final Technical Service Center for this year comes to its end.
Next year we'll continue doing our best at getting Technical, so please continue participating.
Well then, I will be looking forward to seeing you all next year!

Editor's Postscript

Tks header 06


And this was the last Toukousphere for this year.
This year we had Ar tonelico 3's announcement and we're right before its release, so I know we're all into the end-of-year mood, but please wait! Wait just a little longer!
Once the next year begins, I think we'll begin another Countdown Festa. So I formally invite you all to drop by it!
Well then, please continue supporting the Ar tonelico series next year too!

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