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Don Leon1



This is the Technical Service Center!!
This is where I'll punish all those who want to be Technicalled!!

Aunque I'm doing the title call, I won't be answering any questions!

Don Leon1


Lo siento for making you all wait!
Starting here, I hope you enjoy the ride as always!


If it was truly impossible to get out of the "Endless Story" we saw in the Flash Cosmosphere, and the lives and self-preservation of the Divers was threatened due to the lack of nutrients, what would happen to them in the Binary Field?


夢を見ているときと近いわね。リアルな夢って見たことあるでしょ? 本当に痛みや音なんかがあるような夢。でも、実際起きれば全然痛くも何ともない。

Well, who knows.
Maybe the most correct way of putting it would be that if they began suffering from malnutrition due to not eating anything, they would begin "having a feeling" they were malnourished.
It's pretty close to when you're dreaming. Did you ever see any realistic things in a dream? Of course you did, as you can actually feel pain and hear sounds while you're dreaming. But when you finally wake up, there isn't any pain or anything at all.
The Binary Field it's the same in that aspect, as you can feel realistic pain while you're in it.
Now then, as for what would happen if they continued being like that in there... the brain would begin making them suffer hallucinations and in the end, there are high probabilities of them ending with a mental illness of some sort.
In practical terms, even if there are enough nutrients present, the regenerative processes of the body begin having abnormalities when they conclude that there is lack of nutrients in the brain.
And well, going back to the beginning, if they continued Diving in these conditions for a long time, since they won't be eating or drinking anything during the Dive, they most likely would die of starvation in the real world.


Looks like all the Reyvateils have an exactly identical place such as the Stonehenge in their Cosmospheres, bu~t... Do all of them create a Stonehenge in their minds just like that?



Within the Cosmospheres, normally there will always be a "Stonehenge" and a "Tower of Life".
However, since they are people too, there are some ones that will have such a large Soulspace to the point of being impossible to reach any place, especially the Tower of Life, which will not always be visible to the naked eye.
Originally, both the Stonehenge and the Tower of Life are immaterial objects that were given form through the mental structuring of each Reyvateil.
Like it was said in the games, the Tower of Life is the energy bus that connects the Reyvateils with the Tower.
And if we had to describe the Stonehenge, the simplest way would be to say that it's the functional aspect given form of the "Install Port".
In short, is the connection point that joins the borders of reality and the Soulspace... or the interface part of the Install Port.
Therefore, no matter the Soulspace, these two places will always be in every Soulspace, as these are like system areas inside of the minds of every Reyvateil.

ュアルストールって、レーヴァテイルではない人には何か悪影響があるんですか? もしも無いなら、クロアとヒロインたちの混浴も夢ではないのに・・・

Can Dualstalls have some kind of negative influences in non-Reyvateil people? If that isn't the case, then it looks like a mixed bath between Croix and the Heroines wouldn't be just a dream...


え?無いよ? だって、デュアルストール中にアマリエと入ったこと有るし。

Huh? There isn't any, and there are several times in which Amarie entered the bath while we were doing a Dualstall.



And it seems there weren't absolutely any problems.
However, many problems would have arisen if a newly-awakened IPD like Cocona had bathed with us.
But in theory, there wouldn't have been any problems either if her Reyvateil nature had never awakened.



So we could have a mixed bath, but we won't be doing it.
So while it might've seem like it was due to this, it's actually completely unrelated to why we didn't bathe together with him.



I'm shocked that the submitter could have said such an outrageous remark so nonchalantly.


Since it seems that Infel's name comes from the Hymmnos word for "love", does her name actually come from that word?



Well, it seems we have gotten ourselves a praise-worthy person, huh?
Could it have been because that pervert and idiot Grammul didn't have any other person to give that name to?
Well, honestly speaking, I think he only did so to embarrass me as much as he could... Because "oh, love", "love"!
How would you feel if you were called "love" every time anyone said your name? Talking about embarrassing...



So then, do you want to make your enemies all the girls called "Ai" in the country?
Besides, being called "love" isn't a bad thing. Or wouldn't you get all blue if you were called "Getrra"?


There's a rather recent topic I'd want to bring up:
Since Cocona is an IPD, that means that her Cosmosphere is lodged inside of Infel Phira, but given that, will Cocona be okay once she leaves Metafalss?
And now that I think about it, there were also a great number of Pureblooded β-types that migrated from Sol Ciel to Metafalss during the First and Second Eras, though the way in which they changed locations from the range of the First Tower to the range of the Second one when they were brought there worries me a little.
(Nyo? from Hachijo Island)


というか、塔の影響範囲をなめてるんじゃない? 一応第一紀には、アルトネリコは世界の半分近くに影響を与えていた位なのよ。

In the space between the First and Second Towers there isn't any place that is outside of their area of influence. Even if you flew in an straight line, you wouldn't be able to get out of their range.
Then, do the Towers have an infinite range? For the time being, I can only answer that the First Tower, Ar tonelico, once had an area of effect that covered about half of the world.
However, given that its power output has decreased, now it only covers about a third of the planet.
And furthermore, given that Infel Phira has an even lower power output, I don't even know how far its area of effect extends.
However, given Cocona is a Third Generation, she should be okay. Even if she was to leave the area of effect of Infel Phira, it would only put her Reyvateil nature to sleep, while her human part would continue living as normal.
Actually, it might even be an improvement, given that she wouldn't need to receive doses of the Life Extending Agent, so in a certain way, it'd be better for her.

Don Leon1

どうであったか! 今回のテクニカルサービスセンター!

So somehow, we've finished this issue of the Technical Service Center!
I didn't know any of that!
Aún así, I want to answer the questions anyone might make the next time!
I want everyone to know that I'm actually very intelligent too!

Editor's Postscript

今回はどんなイベントになるのか!、楽しみにしていて下さいね。そして、是非皆さんでいらしてください! (土屋)

Time to announce a surprise event! Were you surprised? Well, we'll be holding an "Ar tonelico Fan Gratitude Festival" during the Akihabara Entamatsuri to show the gratitude we have toward all of you for appreciation Ar tonelico?
What kind of festival will it be? Look forward to finding it out! Well then, I hope to see you all there!

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