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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center

Toukou 08


Technicaan! Aurica here!!
I was asked to do the title call for the Technical Service Center this issue, so I'll make it into a special edition of the Tsukkomi Aurica corner! In other words, it's the "Tech-kkomi Aurica"!!
Well, let's try making a poll!

Who's the worst at giving up?
[ シュレリア様 ]
Lady Shurelia
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Shurelia4 …オリカさんは、私に何か恨みでも有るのでしょうか…。 ...Aurica, do you hold a grudge against me or something...?


Is the ELMA that Jakuri keeps around the same ELMA-DS that appeared on the previous game? Or is it the child of ELMA-DS?



It's not the same ELMA nor its offspring. Actually, there was a robot called [蛇刳 (Jakuri)] on Metafalss 700 years ago, which was designed and used only for surveillance tasks. Of course, the design and painting it has now comes from the fact I took one and redesigned it. The robots that we know now as the Divine Armies were codenamed 700 years ago as "Jakuri", and they had a function that allowed them to assume different shapes depending on the scripts that were input into them. Still, they never saw widespread use despite having that capability.
And while it might be redundant to say this now, the reason why I'm getting called Jakuri it's because that's the only name people who didn't know what the robot rider's was called had to go by. Therefore, it's not my true name, and it's no more than a nickname to me. Actually, if I could have chosen a nickname myself, I'd have picked something cooler.



Something like Miu, for example?



Yeah, yeah! Something like Miuie......
What!? Do you think that you can call me whatever you wish without my permission!?



But you gave yourself the name [Miu] in the story you made...


Shurelia, Eoria, Frelia, Tyria...
Similarly to how the Clusterian woman names ending in "~sha" are so common in the current times, the names of the girls ending in "~ria/lia" were pretty common back in the times when Lady Shurelia was born?



I might have been born 16 years ago, but long ago, 700 years to be precise, I heard that many God names used to end on [~lia], and looks like they were a little different from the names of normal people. Eoria, Frelia and Tyria were called the [Trio of Elemia] during the Second Era, but among the myths of the Sol Ciel from the First Era, there was also one where three people with these same names appeared. Of course, the myth also was about singing goddesses, with Eoria being the eldest one, Frelia being the second one, and Tyria being the youngest: Eoria was the steady and reliable eldest sister, Frelia was the gentle girl that was loved by everyone around her, and Tyria was the taciturn kind of girl that was always shrouded in mystery.


なるほど…。だからシュレリア様はエオリアって呼ばれなくなって、「シュレリア」って名前に変 えられたんだね。

I see... so that's why you stopped being called Eoria, and why you changed her name to "Shurelia". Isn't that right, Lady Shurelia.



...What do you mean?



Well, you see... it's something like disillusionment from the difference between ideals and reality... Or that things shouldn't be like this... Or being disappointed from how the ancient people was...



Aurica, it seems I will need to give you a stern lesson on Sol Ciel history. Please come to the Rinkernator after this Toukousphere issue ends.


I have a question about the IPDs, more specifically, about the Queen (the Maiden of Mio).
In the game, we only saw the first and the current "Maidens of Mio", but in Toukousphere #62 it was said that "From all the IPDs that were born so far, only two were successfully registered as the Queen", and I felt it was too small a number for a 400-year period...
Anyway, are the probabilities of an IPD being born with such a high rate of synchronization with Infel Phira, enough for her to get registered as the Queen in it, so low? Or is there any other reason for that?


答えは簡単よ。クイーン登録は人の手で行われるわ。私の代で大混乱が起きてから、クローシェの代でラウドネスがその手法を発見するまで、クイーン登録自体が忘れられていた…いえ、封印されていたのよ。あの場所にね。だから、その間にもクイーンに相応しいI.P.D.は希に存在し続けてはいたわ。同じ世代でいえば10人く らいは常にいたはずよ。クローシェと同じ時間に生きているI.P.D.の中に も何名かクイーン登録出来る子がいるくらいだもの。

The answer it's actually quite simple. The Queen registration is a procedure that has to be done manually, and because my era was such a chaotic one, Loude even had to research and discover the methods for doing so during Cloche's era himself, as the Queen Registration ended becoming a forgotten... no, a sealed procedure. That is the situation. As you can see, it wasn't because no appropriate IPDs were born or existed during that time span. Even among the several IPDs that live in the same era as Cloche, there are many among them that could have been registered as the Queen instead of her.


This is addressed to the Technical Center.
I think the answer to one of the previous questions was "Due to being disconnected from the Time Axis, Song Magic invoke their effects the same instant their corresponding Songs are crafted".
While that's the basic principle of Song Magic, does Metafalica ignore that principle by manifesting the effects in steps whenever each part of its Hymmnos lines are sung...?
Though I also think that even Metafalica has to abide by the rule of "Outside the Time Axis" due to being a Song Magic. Or is it just that simply as a Song Magic, it has such an enormous scale that it had to be divided in parts?


メタファリカのような、導力を沢山使う巨大なヒュムノスの場合、パート毎にその効果が分かれていたり、沢山の処理を順々に行っていくバッチ処理のような状態になっていたりするのが普通よ。もしくは、徐々に効果が強まっていくとか。そうしないと、瞬間的に強大な力が使われると、サーバーの中で色々な不都合が有ると言われているわね。あと、特にメタファリカなどはそうだけど、色々な手続きが複雑に絡み合っていて、それらを順番に処理していかないと確実な効果が得られない場合、1曲とは言っても各パート毎にプログラムが分割されているのよ。詳しくはアル トネリコ2設定資料集にメタファリカの分割処理それぞれについての説明が書かれているから、興味があったら読んでみるといいわ。

In the case of a Song like Metafalica, which is an enormous Hymmnos requiring the usage of a great quantity of Symphonic Power, it is normal to divide its effects into parts, so its many processes end being executed in a similar fashion to batch processing. Otherwise, its effects could get gradually stronger or some other undesirable side-effects could trigger. If it wasn't done in this way, it is said that the momentary peak in the use of energy could have caused many problems within the Servers. As you can see, and only in the case of a Song as complicated as Metafalica is, it was necessary to divide the program of a single Song into many parts, so the many complicated processes could be linked with each other, as it was necessary to allow each process to be executed at the appropriate time, or otherwise its effects could have not manifested. The division of the processes was explained in detail in the Ar tonelico 2 Setting Encyclopedia, so if you are interested, I encourage you to try giving it a read.


When the subject of Costumes came up in the previous issue, Lady Cloche answered that "they are clothes created by the Static D-Waves that are released by the singing of the Triangular Nuclear Loop within the Reyvateils", but does this mean that she could have some fun by somehow putting a Gergo costume on Pepena, or making Skycat wear the same costume as Luca, or in general, putting costumes on people or things besides themselves?
This has me so troubled that I can't sleep!!



That isn't impossible, but it'd very difficult to do. In theory, it's possible to create something around a given item, which also includes creating clothes upon it. But while it's very easy to visualize the clothes, materializing them is a completely different matter, and it's not only that: being able to put the clothes over the target without even a tiny error is an advanced technique that needs a lot of training to pull off. For example, getting a cloth tangled incorrectly around someone would cause a wedgie, turning a Costume Change into an attack Song Magic, and that's a kind of failure I don't wanna see...
As for the Costume Change, which is the structuring of a costume over myself, it's completely different in theory from putting a costume on another person.



Well then, time to publish the results!!
And shining with the first place in the "Who's the worst at giving up?" poll, we have Lady Shurelia!!
Well then, Lady Shurelia, please say something!



As I thought, Aurica, it will be necessary for you come to the Rinkernator Camp.
Starting tomorrow, we will have a lot of fun camping together for the next three years!

Editor's Postscript

Tks header 06

暑さで頭がボーッとしてきますね。こんな時はボートに乗ってボーとしたいところです(シャキーン?)。皆さんも、暑さにめげずにがんばりましょう!(へろへろ) (土屋)

Due to the heat, I'm getting all dazed. It's in times like these when I'd like to board a boat and anchor myself to sleep (ba-dump tish?). Everyone, please do your best without shrinking away due to the heat! (completely exhausted)

How was this issue?
[ 面白かった! ]
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