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This is a bit sudden, but I've been thinking it could be a good thing to change team members every now and then.

Shurelia7 な、何をいきなり言ってるんですか!
What are you saying now!?


But it's true there are other people with lots of knowledge out there, so wouldn't it be great to bring people in that have more knowledge than us on some specific subjects?



Well, why don't we do a test run for this idea first?
That means next time, we'll try giving over the corner to Infel, Sasha, Krusche and Tastiella.
So people, you better try keeping them on mind when you make your questions.



There's something I'd like to review about the previous Technical Service Centers, which is "about the Triangular Nuclear Loop" and the "D-Cellophane".
Summarizing all of it, it'd be that "the Triangular Nuclear Loops create the bodies of the Pureblooded β-Types based off the information (feelings) of the D-Cellophane". So when Misha lost Chronicle Key and turned into a kid, that happened because there was some kind of change in the "feelings" that structured her body due to the removal of her D-Cellophane?
Luca also had Frelia's D-Cellophane, but since Luca is a Third Generation and her body is naturally structured (due to lacking a Triangular Nuclear Loop), her body would suffer no changes regardless of if she had the D-Cellophane Installed or not. At least that's how I see it.
And would I be eligible for studying in the Sol Ciel University?



The changes in Misha's body were the result of something we could have never anticipated here in Platina.
I had heard something about the kind of logic Tenba used to conduct the separation, but I couldn't confirm yet that their method would have effects over the structure of the physical body.
However, it must have been because the components of the base ROM that should be in the body suffered a modification, so they could by pure chance gain a kind of access to the information part of her body that is not possible to gain in current times.
However, I do know one thing, and it is that such a change can't take place if it isn't inside that culture fluid. The culture fluid that Tenba uses for that separation is formed of almost the same components as the culture fluid we employ in the β Nurturing Tanks (Tripolar Resonant Incubators) here in Platina.
About the Third Generations, their bodies are structured by the natural world, so reconstructing them would be impossible. It could forced though, but that could bring about extremely disastrous outcomes.
And dony, you should by all means take the admission test for the Sol Ciel University. It has three exam subjects, which are "Mathematics", "Wave Science" and "Hymmnos Language".

提から間違ってるかもなんですが、クローシェっていうか澪の巫女は焔の巫女のようにDセロファンを受け継いでなるものではなく、純粋にIPDレベルが高い者がなれるんですよね? もしそうだとしたらレベル7のココナも澪の巫女になれる可能性はあるんですか?

This might be wrong from the get-go, but Cloche, and the other Maidens of Mio, don't have D-cellophanes installed like the Maiden of Homura; they just naturally have a high IPD level, right? If so, is it possible for a level 7 like Cocona to become the Maiden of Mio, too?



I think the name "Maiden of Mio" is just her common name, and the proper term is "Queen". It looks like they use a class system called the "Queen Registry" to determine who can become Queen, and it won't work if the synchro rate isn't extremely high.
The Queen Registry has only worked on two people before, but both were very high level IPDs, of the sort that's called "Level 9 Negative". Cocona is a "Level 7 Positive" IPD, so her synch rate isn't as high, so I don't think she'd be able to become Queen.
By the way, the thing that determines whether an IPD's outbreak is positive or negative is at what level the outbreak matter exists. To put in it terms of strata, negative outbreaks take place at level 8 and higher, while positive outbreaks take place at level 7 or lower.
Essentially, that's the difference between which side of the Boundary Gate it takes place on, so people who've played the game will know that negative outbreaks can spread to other IPDs more easily.


Pleased to meet you, my name's Yuzuko. And I have a quick question:
It seems Aurica was a Holy Maiden Candidate, but what would be a Holy Maiden in the El Elemia Church in the first place? Is it a job like being the church's mascot or something?



I don't know the era about which you're asking for the "Holy Maiden" definition, but if you want the one for the time Aurica became one, you can just play the game to get your answer.
But before that, the "Holy Maiden" was the life that was considered the most important one within the Church, though it seems there were next to no times in which the Church actually had one.
As for their normal duties... well, looks like it's similar to being a performer like what Cloche does in Metafalss: participating in Church events, waking around the city, bestowing divine protection upon the people, and participating in all sorts of foreign affairs matters.
Becoming an Exalted Holy Maiden is pretty much like becoming a representative of the Goddesses for the people, and supposedly that's why they are so valuable.


(最後になりますが、そもそもダイキリティの定常H波ってどこから採取してきているんでしょう>だって精神レイヤーの波動なんですよね? 定常H波を含有する鉱物だと思っておりましたので…)

For the Technical Service Center.
(as a hypothesis that assumes that it is possible to structure Static H-Waves by allowing multiple Dynamic H-Waves to interfere with each other).
Assuming that the Third Generations don't have Reyvateils addresses in Ar tonelico but in their bodies, and that it was possible to emit H-Waves upon an equivalent layer to the one reached through by the Install Port to cause interferences, it would be possible to easily structure Static H-Waves through many Dynamic H-Waves that have a radiation with the same wavelength, correct?
And if that is not possible, if Dynamic Waves (H-Waves, though it would be necessary to tune them according to the distance between them and the H-Wave Address so they can have the same integer, double or half-number value as the Static H-Waves that structure that Third Generation) were put into the body as radiation (doing so through a bath would be OK), would it be possible to use them as life extenders?
But since this second method would also create secondary Dynamic H-Waves over the appropriate H-Wave layer, there is a high risk of that causing mental instability to the Reyvateils... (or would the H-Waves that are outside of that address point have no effect on the Reyvateil?)
(Also, if the H-Wave for that Reyvateil's address actually exists in the Server, I think it'd be better to send the H-Waves directly into the H-Wave layer in the Server without having to go through the Install Port on the Reyvateil's body. The Server shouldn't be equipped with pain or feeling sensors, so this would allow supplying the Reyvateils with Static H-Waves painlessly).
(Finally, where are the Static H-Waves used in Diquility harvested from in the first place? Aren't these waves that exist in the spiritual layer? I was thinking that maybe it is produced from ores that somehow contain Static H-Waves...)
(Kimura Shuuichi @ Walking Electromagnetic Wave Tower Gathering)



First, let's review the fundamental theory behind the currently used Diquility.
The Life Extending Agent is a Grathnode Crystal condensed from Static H-Waves that have flat energies across all frequency bands. It is covered in Grathnode, and that is the sole reason for why the Install Port reacts to it.
Once the Static H-Waves contained in the Life Extending Agent have been absorbed from the Install Part, they are sent into the spiritual layer that corresponds to that individual, which then makes the LEM (Reyvateil Life Extending Mechanism) configure the HD-Conversion Ring to absorb these Static H-Waves as soon as they have been detected.
That clump of Static H-Waves (energy) with flat energies across all frequency bands that were sent into the spiritual layer are then gradually distorted (have their amplitudes reduced) by the HD-Conversion Ring in order to eliminate the flatness from its frequency bands, which ends turning them unstable, similarly to what happens to cheese when a mouse gnaws at it. Once they have lost stability up to a certain point, it is possible to convert it almost in its entirety into Dynamic H-Waves.
(Strictly speaking, this conversion of Static H-Waves into Dynamic H-Waves is done by frequency units. The important frequency bands distort very fast, and once they have distorted beyond a certain point, they become unusable. That is what you would see more or less if you saw when these entire bands have "their flatness eliminated". Additionally, the intensity of the consumption for the frequency bands greatly varies from person to person)<br /. To put it in a violent way, that clump of Static H-Waves is "a soul that has zero resistance to anything". Since these are "waves that just continue existing", they are souls that have no opposition or love for anything, unlike human souls. In short, we could say the Life Extending Agent is like a "fuel cell for souls", and it itself needs to continue existing in that specific individual's spiritual layer.
And that is because the HD-Conversion Ring will continue eternally absorbing "the power to continue existing from it". A way for receiving power from an external source could be discovered for use in the bath or something too, but since the waves used in it would only be valid for as long as the user stayed in the bathtub, once they got out, they would have a high fever due to the lack of the Life Extending Agent. Additionally, the method through which the energy goes from the Install Point in the outside to the address of the HD-Conversion Ring hasn't been confirmed yet.
In short, the only possible way to trick out the HD-Conversion Ring to extend the life of a Third Generation would be by sending a "soul reserve" into a specific address in the spiritual layer. And I think it could be possible to discover other methods if it was possible to modify the functions of the HD-Conversion Ring.
As for injecting them into the spiritual layer through the Song Magic Server, it isn't possible to manipulate specific addresses in the Server from the outside. This is because the Song Magic Servers have a work logic that employs several advanced quantum algorithms, so it isn't possible to set addresses just by inputting numerical values (as you would be targeting high-order imaginary numbers in this case).
Also, it became impossible to access specific addresses in it aside of doing so through the Reyvateil Terminal (Install Port) during the First Era due to concerns about the individual privacy of the Reyvateils. Apparently, the address selection through the Install Port uses quantum teleportation, so this would also be one of the main causes that prevent an easy access to it from the tridimensional space.
Finally, the Diquility is created by the emission of multiple Dynamic H-Waves upon flat energy Static H-Waves located in a specific point. Then you connect a Grathnode Crystal that has a little bit of Parameno on it to a specific point in that H-Wave world, and then you have a complete Life Extending Agent. Since these wave interaction techniques over the H-Wave layer are quite advanced, they are something that both Tenba and the Grand Bell learned by imitating research documents they found from the First Era.
And as a small addendum, the target H-Wave layer created from this isn't located inside the Song Magic Server, and it is actually part of the H-Wave layer of the natural world. Of course both have a relationship similar to that of adjoining lands in the H-Wave space, and it is the small amount of Parameno crystal that is added to the Life Extending Agent which allows to retain that H-Wave address.
When a Life Extending Agent is inserted, the H-Wave coordinates given by the natural world to it and the H-Wave coordinates used by the Song Magic Server link up, and that is when these Static H-Wave energies are linked.
Well, to summarize: "Of the spiritual coordinates of the Reyvateils, we only understand the Install Port, as no one knows anything else about them", "of the spiritual coordinates of the Life Extending Agent, we only understand the Parameno Crystal, as no one knows anything else about them", "Each of these H-Wave coordinates are like adjoining lands in the H-Wave space", "It is impossible to find out H-Wave coordinates by measuring the D-Wave (tridimensional) space", "The HD-Conversion Ring links both coordinates together", and all of that is what allows the Life Extending Agent to prolong the life span of the Reyvateils.
I'm very sorry this turned out to be so difficult.



Lady Shurelia and Lady Frelia can take their clothes off?
Especially Lady Frelia, as she has that set of wings...

Shurelia5 …!!!


U-Umm, of course I can?
But it's very embarrassing, so I won't.



I can easily take off my clothes.
I'm not embarrassed at all to do it, so should I put on a little performance right now?



Do that, and you'll get banned from posting ever again.
I can easily take my clothes off too! But because of how they are, it wouldn't be impressive at all if I wore them or took them off.
I wonder what kind of clothes they are in the first place...



I'm sure your designer wanted you to have a fittingly avant-garde design, and it's true it was a fantasy story maniac.
Surely it wanted you to be the embodiment of a moe character it liked.



Anyway, this was our last issue for now.
It felt like the longest we ever did, but it was very short.



Well, I think we'll be coming back here later on.
I'm really wanting to take a break for some time now.



Make sure to look forward to how the attitudes and tempers will change from next issue on.
I'll be watching over and looking forward to some stimulating answers from the shadows.

Editor's Postscript

Tks header 06

なにはともあれ、次回もよろしくお願いします! (土屋)

I've decided to shake up things a bit in some way for the Question Corner and the Technical Service Center, but I don't know yet what they are going to turn into. (*laughs*) I can only continue working as I pray that somehow I'll be able to continue bringing you all fun.
and while the next fifth week will be in May, please wait patiently to see what we'll be doing then.
In any case, I hope to see you again next issue!

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