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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center

Toukou 08


And so begins today's Technical Service Center.
Everyone, bring out your cushions and courteously sit down and watch us at work.



We had quite the uproar last time because of Shurelia's weight issues, so I was very tense about what'd happen this time.



Anyway, lately everyone's been sending us very hi-quality questions, huh?
And the questions we're getting are things that would be college-level subjects in our world, right? So maybe everyone who sent us these questions are going to get admitted into the Sol Ciel University!



I've got a question about the Pureblooded β-Types.
I think it was said that once they run through the approximately 150 years of life their Triangular Nuclear Loops have, they die. However, wouldn't it be possible to Install Diquility crystals into them to extend their lives once their Triangular Nuclear Loops have exhausted their life spans? Third Generations don't have Triangular Nuclear Loops and thus they need the Diquility because they have Reyvateil qualities that structure their bodies through magic, but if they can get a longer life span from Installing Diquility, what would be different about Installing it into a Pureblooded β-Type whose Triangular Nuclear Loop has stopped functioning? That's what I'm thinking?



It's true that it looks like that, but since the matter that makes up the bodies of the Pureblooded β-Types and the Third Generations is completely different between them, the Life Extending Agent can't be used as a substitute for the Triangular Nuclear Loop. If anything, Diquility could be handy to have when a Pureblooded β-Type that hasn't lived out her full life span yet couldn't receive her supply of Symphonic Power for whatever reason.
The Triangular Nuclear Loop is different from Diquility, which is just a clump of energy. The main role the Loop has is "crafting matter from feelings", or in short, structuring a body. And to preserve the body, the Loop also emits Symphonic Power to carry out the processing of Song Magical movements in a way similar to a terminal. Thinking the Symphonic Power can't reach them any more once they're over 150 years old is a hind-sighted opinion, and the correct way of thinking about it would actually be that the power can't reach them because the Triangular Nuclear Loop has terminated its functions. So no matter how much Symphonic Power is sent to them, it won't resurrect their bodies. Third Generations become Reyvateils without a Triangular Nuclear Loop, so they'd be fine even if what structured their bodies disappeared, but in the case of the Pureblooded β-Types their bodies can't be crafted without the Loop, so just sending them energy is pointless. Apparently, there was some research on this carried out at Platina sometime ago, but no matter how much energy they sent to it, the Triangular Nuclear Loop would break apart once it reached its 150 years threshold. As for the reason for why the Loops are structured to only last 150 years, maybe it's because the limiters for them are set to that time by an external factor, or who knows what else. However, I don't know anything else about it. It's true that β-6D has something to do with it, but no one knows how much she's involved in this either.


In the room located in the depths of Sol Marta there is such a great number of stuffed dolls... Is it... Lady Frelia's... bedroom?


そうだよ。というのも合っているか間違ってるかわからないけど、とにかくあの部屋で私はコールドスリープに就いたんだよ。その前から、ラキといつも一緒に勉強したりお話ししたり、寝たりしていた部屋であることは確かだけどね。 でも、あのぬいぐるみは私じゃないよ?アレは多分、インフェルちゃんの趣味じゃないかなぁ。

Yes, it is. I don't know the reason why it changed like that, but anyway, that was the room where I entered in cold sleep. Before that, I was always studying and chatting with Raki in there, though it also was the room where I used to sleep. But, these stuffed dolls aren't mine... Most likely, these actually belong to Infel.


The Chronicle Key of the Star Singers was passed down in which way? We saw in the game that Bourd took it out from Misha in the form of an Hymn Crystal, but how many times it would be possible to take it out like that? Or it's a D-Cellophane employed for passing it down from one to other?



Chronicle Key does not have an Hymn Crystal. Of course, while it is possible to put it into an Hymn Crystal, it was not done in that way for security reasons. Since the Hymmnos are simply [feelings], if there was a method for simply handing down feelings from a person to other, the Hymn Crystals would not exist. The Hymn Crystal could be simply considered as physical objects akin to hard drives, and the feelings as data recorded inside them. Though if we consider it like that, the Hymmnos would not be inside of a hard drive, but inside of a Memory Card. Maybe with this you should understand it better. So that is why Chronicle Key is recorded inside of a "D-Cellophane", which becomes the seed for cultivating a Pureblooded β-type, given that it contains the information that essentially creates the body of the Pureblooded β-type. Chronicle Key is previously recorded into it, enabling the new Reyvateil to sing it from the time she is born, in the case she could sing so soon. I think that this procedure was called the "Preinstall Model".

クニカルサービスセンター宛でございます。前回のテクニカの >ダイキリティによる延命剤の投与は、「継続的に導力を発し続ける」事が目的ですが、ならダイキリティを微細な粉末にして徐放性のカプセルに封入してから点滴すれば良いのでは…。(例えば抗がん剤はこの方法で一月程度保たせられます。)そのような発想がなかったということは、アルシエルの第一期はさほど通常の医療や材料科学 が発達していなかったということでしょうか?

Attn: Technical Service Center.
In the last issue, it was mentioned that the goal for administering Diquility is "keeping the continuous flow of Symphonic Power". However, if Diquility were to be ground into a microscopically fine powder and contained within a slow-release capsule that is administered via an intravenous drip, it could have been more pleasant... (A similar method was demonstrated by an anti-cancer drug this January.) Did Ar Ciel not have the necessary material engineering or common medical science to develop this sort of idea during the First Era?
(Kimura Shuuichi @ Walking Electromagnetic Wave Tower Gathering)



Since Diquility is inserted into the physical body (D-Wave band), it does seem that an intravenous drip would be effective. However, a Diquility crystal also contains H-Waves that are needed for the Soulspace, and that exists on a different layer of reality, on the H-Wave band. A method that penetrates only the physical body will affect only D-waves. The Install Port acts as a conduit between the physical world and a Reyvateil's Soulspace. Picture the Install Port as a model with a Grathnode and Parameno plate stuck to either side. Physical (D-Wave) interference with the Grathnode plate will cause the Parameno plate to exert a mental (H-Wave) influence (it's only a model, though; there isn't actually a structure like that within the body). The Parameno plate's side exists amongst H-Waves; it and the physical body exist in fundamentally different concepts of space. As another example, you may think of an Install Port as a warp hole that can accept anything. The method you suggested would apply only to the surface of the Install Port; an intravenous drip would not be able to influence the world on the other side of the warp hole.
With regard to the Waveform Payload Osmosis Method used for powering up in Dualstall, Diquility can apparently be dissolved in hot water in conjunction with Grathnode crystals, but Grathnode crystals are the first to respond to the Install Port. Not only is the pain of a single insertion already difficult to tolerate (although being dissolved in hot water can relieve some of the pain), but it's impossible to insert both at the same time. It's impossible because the energy source within Diquility, Static H-Waves, are waves that "continue just existing", while using this method would release them Dynamic H-Waves. In other words, they would be useless for the purpose the Static H-Waves have. Static H-Waves must arrive at the Reyvateil's H-Wave layer, or personal address, in the form of Static H-Waves in order to be effective. Therefore, in situations where both Diquility and Grathnode crystals are present, only the H-Waves contained within Grathnode crystals end up being received. Sol Ciel's technology hasn't reached that level yet, though it may eventually be possible to discover a painless method for continuously providing Static H-Waves. At least it seems that investigation into such an accommodating process was making smooth progress in the time when the Third Generations appeared during the First Era.



*phew* They really were enthusiastic today, huh?
And the level of the questions has been pretty high lately...



That's true. But if the knowledge of these smart users keeps increasing like this, it's possible there could be another large step forward in Ar Ciel's Wave Science, no? Maybe someone among you all could be the one to discover the new truth?



If that happened, we'd be emeritus professors!

Editor's Postscript

Tks header 06


You've all have sent lots of drawings, submissions and artistic masterpieces lately, so the replies I write are also spontaneously filling with strength. To see we have fans that love us so deeply is something that makes me very happy. I've also gotten a very nostalgic question, so I think I'll also answer it. I'm sorry for posting a story that isn't about Ar tonelico on the Ar tonelico page.

How was this issue?</b>
[ 面白かった! ]
[ まあまあだな ]
Fun's minivote system -TOU=Hyoon-. Made by A.T


It's always fun to see you being so enthusiastic about your works. ^^ By the way... recently I got my family into the Atelier series products, and as I Played them, in several parts, I noticed things that seemed to be the roots for Ar tonelico.
1) A "Tower" in which sounds were important appeared.
2) Something called "Hymmne" appeared in there.
3) A singing boss appeared. 4) There was a stone monument with a line saying "come" pointing to a certain place.
5) There were Tower sisters. 6) Multiple recording music was used in these works.
Such things...
Did you secretly have some kind of draft for it from the times of the Atelier series by any chance? A lost technology Tower, whose name for some reason might give off a mechanical atmosphere... even if they aren't directly related, they felt similar for some reason.

Tks tsuchiya


I think that at least half of that isn't just your imagination.
Most likely, you're talking about the Phantom Corridor, Vestrihinabel and the music that can be heard in the depths of the Small Fairy Forest from "Atelier Viorate". Atelier Viorate is a work made during the times in which I was still a novice that was challenging multiple recording music for the first time, as these were songs which I made while thinking "somehow I want to make choruses like these!" It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Ar tonelico is a compilation of all the knowledge I gained during that time. Also, the Towers of the three sisters gimmick from the Phantom Corridor is something I made too. Similarly, I was who designed the Mermaid boss and her special skill Hymmne. By the time I framed the Ar tonelico project, I had completely forgotten about Viorate, but maybe the roots ended up sticking with me. Going up and down the Tower of the Phantom Corridor is something I personally liked a lot, even though all the fans ended calling it a dungeon made by a demon... even within the company, all the debuggers ended up drawing map of how to proceed through the floors in paper. Viorate is the game in the entire Atelier series for which I have the fondest feelings. If you ever have the chance of playing it, that would make me very happy.

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