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Hello, everyone! The technical explanations in which we each brought in a guest have come to an end after two repetitions.
So what did you all think about this second lap of the Technical Center? This time we've decided to go back to the basics, so the three of us will be giving the explanations today. At the same time, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Technical Center.

The Technical Center is...

[ この3人でやる方がいい ]
Better just with you three
[ そろそろ別のコーナーにしな ]
Better becoming another kind of corner
[ シュレリア様だけで! ]
Better with Lady Shurelia alone!
Better with bringing a guest in per person



Wait there! What's up with the third option!? Aren't you abusing of your authority as the sponsor?

Shurelia2 何のことですか?きゅっきゅっ!
What are you talking about? Kyukyuu!


I can easily imagine now you'll be so shocked from the horrible results, you'll have to cry yourself to sleep.


So it's time for another Technical time with everyone like long ago! Please enjoy it!



This might be pretty rude to ask a woman, but would Lady Shurelia get fat if she ate too much?




I won't get fat. My body is maintained by the Tower and the Triangular Nuclear Loop, and it takes form thanks to the Symphonic Power I receive from them. It's true I can eat, but I can't absorb the nutrients from the food. Of course I can eat delicious food, so that means its passage through the digestive organs isn't different from that of you humans.

...and well... that's about it.



Which method did Jakuri use to go from Sol Ciel to Metafalss? And would a typical person be able to travel freely from a region to the other?



I hitched a ride with Spica on the newest airship that Tenba and Platina developed together: the "Gungnir REL 2.0_PT". Spica said something like she was given control over it, but it's more like she half-stole it. That airship is a prototype model that uses technologies beyond what Tenba has produced until now, so I don't think it's something that normal people would be able to ride. However, I think we committed the great mistake of flying while not knowing which was the correct direction, so if we hadn't found anywhere we could land, we may have died from dehydration after a few days.



Is it possible to carry out maintenance on Infel Phira after the continent has been created?
For example, we were told on issue 36 that "Infel Phira is defragmented when Metafalica is sung", but if Infel Phira's memory were to get all messy again after a few centuries, would it be necessary to sing Metafalica again?
I also thought that maybe it repaired the damaged sectors that were the cause of the IPD outbreaks and other things, but is that the case?



Um, let's begin with the reason for Infel Phira's defragmentation being so necessary: when a Heart of the Land is initially being born as the Will of the continent, it's necessary to have a large amount of continuous empty space to be able to store that "Will". So far, the individual IPDs were the only ones to make use of Infel Phira's large memory, so all it contained were the Soulspaces of these IPDs. Therefore, it's also necessary to open up a specific region of the memory so the Will of the continent can reside in it. To put it simply, it's more or less like people moving into a large building as it's being built. So even if the memory gets all messy again in the future, singing Metafalica again won't be necessary. This is because no other spiritual beings that require such a large capacity will be born, so there's no need to abruptly rewrite the Soulspace in order to store it in the memory.



Reyvateils are capable of creating amazing things like an entire continent, but can they also create money or food? But well, if they could, that'd end up breaking the game.



If I had to say something about this, it'd be that they could. However, if they create it as Song Magic (Hymmnos Words), that money will become nonexistent when they stop singing. And I think it'd be extremely hard to create "money that doesn't move" in the Soulspace in the first place. This is because Song Magic is the embodiment of a clear will to carry out an action (for example, "I want to attack the enemies" or "I want to heal"), so it's very possible that the money created through it could end up attacking people.
Also, if you thought about creating it as a Hymmnos (an Extract), that would be nonsensical. Basically, there are no songs among the Extracts that can create some simple matter like it, so while there could be "a Hymmnos that operates the coinage facilities inside the Tower", there isn't "a Hymmnos that produces money".



I've got a question about the costumes the Reyvateils wear in their Cosmospheres.
The Reyvateil receives some influence over her will from the Diver that goes inside her mind, so does this mean that each Diver
would end up seeing the same Reyvateil in a different costume?
Or are all costumes designed by the Reyvateil's conscious or subconscious mind, which would cause all Divers
to see her wearing the same costume?
If it's the latter, I'd like to talk all night long with Lady Shurelia about a certain incident related to a very cute costume called the Pure Ritual.



It's said that they change depending on the Diver. But since there are next to no Reyvateils that allow anyone and everyone to Dive in their minds, there are no concrete examples to illustrate it. In short, it's impossible for a single person to bear witness to all the possible events that could take place within the Soulspace. That you caused a Paradigm Shift on Level 1 isn't equal to having seen the entirety of the mind that exists at that level. Of course, as you refine and progress into the deeper strata, gradually the themes end up mixing with each other, so it's possible you could ultimately end up reaching the same place. But since the particularly shallow strata can be shaken by several circumstances, it's enough for entirely different Song Magic and costumes to be crafted at these moments. And that's without mentioning that if the Reyvateil allows another person to Dive into her, she will have different feelings about that person in comparison to her usual Diver, so it wouldn't be surprising that she would show them different things.
By the way, Costumes are particularly affected by the travels of the Divers. If you repeatedly get costumes you feel remorseful about, it means that you made a wrong choice for your Divers, so just resign yourself.

Jakuri1 今日は随分真面目に答えたわね、シュレリア。 Today you were so serious at answering the questions, Shurelia.
Shurelia7 わ、私はいつも真面目に答えてます!! I-I'm always serious about answering them!


Well then, what we do next time depends on the results of the poll. So everyone, please make sure to vote!

Editor's Postscript

Tks header 06

テクニカルセンターも、かなりの長寿番組になってきました。このコーナーが落ち着いたのも、皆さんのご支援のお陰ではありますが、より一層楽しいモノにしていくために、是非投票にご協力下さい。他にもコーナーネタや、こういった事をやって欲しい!という案が有れば、そのネタをトウコウスフィアへトウコウしてみて下さい。面白い企画であれば、採用されるばかりか、本当にそのコーナーが出来ちゃったりする事もあるかもしれません。常に新しい楽しみを提供していくことが、アルポータルの理想です。その為にも、是非皆さんの力をお貸しください。それではまた次回! (土屋)

The Technical Center has become quite the long-lived corner. While it has settled down a bit as a standard part of the Toukousphere, it's all thanks to your support, so in order to make sure you enjoy it a little more, please cooperate with us by casting your votes. And if you have any other ideas like "I'd love for you to do this, and make this corner like this!", please make sure to send them over to the Toukousphere too. If you have any interesting ideas, we could end up making use of them and actually create a corner based on them. I'm always seeking new ways to bring you fun, as that's the ideal of the Ar Portal. Therefore, please lend us your powers. Well then, see you next issue! (Tsuchiya)

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