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Lady Shurelia's Technical Service Center!!



Whoa! *clap* *clap* *clap*. Great, Shurelia! But of course you're great!
But, you made a little mistake; you forgot to say my name and Frelia's.
But well, I think it's because of your age, so I don't mind it much. Don't worry.



Hehehe, thank you very much.
This is the first time in all my life I've been praised by Jakuri, so I'm very happy.
I'm sorry for not saying your names, it was careless on my part... There were many questions addressed to me, so I was unable to see anyone else aside of me... but since you both are working so hard too, I did something horrible by forgetting you both. I'm truly sorry...






This is where we carefully and seriously reply to technical questions about the world of Ar tonelico.
If you have something you really want to know the answer to, please send it here!
It'll be hard for us to run posts with multiple questions, so please limit yourself to one!


For the Technical Service Center.
I've got a question for Lady Frelia: what happened to your burden of maintaining the world after Metafalica was created?
Also, you seem to have gotten very worried about the relationship between Lady Shurelia and Jakuri to the point of telling them "to not fight", but I think you shouldn't worry so much about them. After all, they might say hurtful things to each other, but they're still very close friends.



Of course that burden hasn't changed at all, so a little after everyone has finished moving to Metafalica, we've planned to initiate a gradual purge of the Rim.
I don't think it'll be immediately, but something that will be carried out in a few decades, so it doesn't mean my weakening is such an emergency either. So you can be relieved about it, but still thanks a lot for worrying about me!
About Jakuri and Sis, they'll be okay. They're really close friends, so I'll believe in them. Besides, they really began acting like true friends this issue, huh?

ーヴァテイルの中にも音痴の人がいるみたいですが、歌の上手下手は詩魔法の効果に何かしら影響が 出ちゃったりするのでしょうか?

Looks like there are also tone-deaf people among the Reyvateils, but does the difference in singing also translate somehow to differences in the effectiveness of Song Magic?
It looks like recovery and protection would get emotionally affected by a beautiful song, so would only skilled singers be able to bring out the effects of their songs?



I think there are lots of tone-deaf Reyvateils. Unexpectedly you may not know this, but when it comes to the Reyvateils, the "singing of normal songs" and the "singing of Hymmnos" are completely different things.
When they sing normal songs, they are just like normal humans. Their conscious selves makes their mouths move, and thus they sing. However, while they are singing Hymmnos, it could be said that their conscious selves are in a deep sleep.
They are actually awake, and while it's a faulty expression to say this, they are close "to a state similar to fainting". On computational terms, they pretty much are in a state where they are transferring all tasks over to their Reyvateil qualities. This is done internally for the Pureblooded Beta-Types and the Origins, while on the Third Generations, their Reyvateil qualities take the place of their human qualities.
And it might be a digression, but there was a time in which Aurica was practicing her singing during the game... honestly, that only serves to give them peace of mind... oh, but to give them a little follow-up, the truth about this is unknown to almost all Third Generation Reyvateils, so they practice their singing like Aurica does, believing this will strengthen their Song Magic. Therefore, it isn't so strange to Aurica... and I didn't really mean to say mean things about Aurica, but... I'm sorry I couldn't give them a better follow-up...


For the Technical Service Center.
There was a question I got while reading the setting materials collection book; the Battlefield Maiden Illusha used EXEC_PURGER/. when she liberated the Metafalssians from the Elemians, but it is the same Purger that appeared in Ar tonelico 1? And if that's the case, where did she get the power from to execute it: from the First Tower of Ar tonelico in Sol Ciel, or the Ar tonelico in Metafalss?
I've been thinking about it very seriously. Please tell me!
(I've Eaten Too Many Funboons)



That Purger is most likely the same model as the Hymn Crystal "Purger" that Aurica and Misha Downloaded.
The power source for it is of course the First Tower: the Ar tonelico in Sol Ciel. Maybe you said this due to a misunderstanding, but the Ar tonelico in Metafalss, or in other words, the Second Tower doesn't have the functions of a Song Magic Server. It merely receives energy from the First Tower through Sol Marta.
And if it isn't that, you'd be talking about Infel Phira, which would be even more impossible. At the time, the Metafalssians didn't want to use Infel Phira due to their pact with the Goddess, so they didn't even think of using it. And that without mentioning that Illusha was a Maiden of Homura, so she couldn't have been an IPD.


If Lady Shurelia and Lady Jakuri fought seriously, who would win?



Why now...? We didn't fight seriously already 400 years ago? And the results were obvious: I won.
Shurelia's reaction speed is slower than mine, so there's no way that girl could have ever beaten me. Huhuhu...



What are you saying!? Despite all that, you were sealed! Please don't talk as if you won when it's clear you lost!



Actually, wasn't that because of Tastiella's power? Really, don't talk as if you won through your own power alone.



...Please don't fight, you both...



Y-yes, of course! Jakuri was very strong back then. I was just careless for a second. It must be because I suddenly got exhausted!
Back then there were Reyvateils that got special holes opened and were mentally fragile, and I'm sorry about them, but when it comes to actual power it's true that you are better at it than me, so it was your victory.



N-no, that isn't it. It was your victory, as the differences in power were evident, so you won.
That's what decides victory or defeat.


For the Technical Service Center.
Among the Reyvateils that appeared as enemies in 1, there were a few that had names with "Mir" on it like the Beast Mirs and Mech Mirs, but what relation do they have with Mir?
By the way, I haven't seen Mir recently... (Stoger)



These are Reyvateils that joined Mir's side... in other words, they are an organization composed by a handful of Reyvateils that work in order to make Reyvateilia a reality, and they just began calling themselves like that on their own.
They have no special relationship with the actual Mir.

TN: This was lost in the English version, as the "Mir" in the names of these enemies was replaced with "Lord".



*sigh*... Getting along is so much trouble.



Indeed. I've gotten stiff shoulders just from working in this issue.



Oh, you have? I'll introduce a good massager to you.
He's particularly gentle with elderly people, so you can feel relieved about it.



Thank you very much. But since we've waited so long for this, why don't we go together? It might fit you very well too, Jakuri.
It's said that the most important of this is when symptoms aren't showing... And it seems your body hasn't gotten accustomed to wearing warm things yet.
I'm always so worried about you...



...Thank you for worrying about me.
But I'm okay. Even if I look like this, I don't have a body that will get stiff shoulders out of the blue.
And more importantly, since you're so worried, you should take more care of yourself.



Huh? Did they become good friends?

Editor's Postscript

Tks header 06

それでは、また次回! (土屋)

And finally, the Web Radio has been connected with the Toukousphere. We plan to continue with this impressions corner when the second radio broadcast has finished the next month.
The radio itself is free too, so if you can catch a listen, please make sure to do it so we all can share some laughs!
And we've started compilating part of the material for the Ar Portal book today. Everyone can participate in it. And since the fans are what make Ar tonelico what it is, I think we can all continue making it grow together from now on.
Well then, until the next issue! (Tsuchiya)

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