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Hey, you have no reason to be embarrassed, right? If you don't say something clever today, we won't have another chance until the next issue, and that's in two weeks.
That's why it is so important.



Y-you might be right about it, but is the introduction so important here?
Rather, wouldn't it make everyone happier if we focused a little more on the talking about the setting?



Frelia... you're more mature than I imagined...
I see having lived for over 700 years isn't just for show, huh?



Ahaha, I think I feel happier from hearing that!
I always thought too that it'd be great if living that long wasn't for something useless.
But it's true that since I could get so much knowledge thanks to it, wasn't useless.









This is the corner where we thoroughly and seriously answer questions about technical aspects of the Ar tonelico world.
If there's anyone out there that has questions of the type "I really wanna know! Please answer seriously!", then send them here.
When you do send them, make sure to write somewhere "For the Technical Service Center".
If you don't do that, we'll ignore your question.


For the Technical Service Center.
There's an entry on the Metafalss timeline that says that an airship from Neo Elemia (Neath's?) arrived in year 3067 AD, but that's contradicted by the Sol Ciel timeline by saying that the Neo Elemia Airport was completed in 3097 AD, and that the first long-distance airship took off from it.
As the later parts of both timelines have no large discrepancies on the year the refugees from Neo Elemia came to Metafalss running away from Mir's Rebellion and the year in which said rebellion began, why there's a 30 year difference only on that part?



This is something we have to tell you all about now. That timeline was also published in the Ar tonelico 2 setting materials collection book, and part of it received some corrections.
To be exact, there were some inaccuracies in the Ar tonelico 1 setting materials collection book, so the timeline in the Ar tonelico 2 book is the correct one. Sorry for having confused you.
Therefore, the fact that an airship from Neo Elemia arrived at Metafalss on 3067 AD is correct.


Congratulations, Lady Shurelia!
I know thanks to the setting materials collection book that Lady Frelia is an eternal "thirteen" because she doesn't have her D-Cellophane. So there's no problem with her being your younger sister.
By the way, would it be possible for Lady Frelia to grow up to 16 years old if the D-Cellophane was given back to her?



That's right. I'm kinda whatever about the D-Cellophane, but I don't wanna be seen like a 13 years old all the time.
That's because I'm always being treated like a kid even though I've actually lived for much longer. But I think that's because of my personality, so I can't really protest much against it...
If I got the D-Cellophane back, maybe I'd start growing again? Since that actually hasn't happened yet, I don't know.
But at least Id like to try getting it back once. That way I might grow a little more again.
Then let's just wait for two or three years. By then we'd see the results, and I'd like to show them off to everyone!

想音動詞はインフェル・ピラでしか使えないとして、新約パスタリエの名詞はどうなのでしょう? やはりメタ・ファルスでしか使えないのでしょうか?

This is for the girls in the Technical Service Center.
Please, tell me about the New Testament of Pastalie, the Note that was just added to the 'server. Until now, we were told that "The Notes used on a Song change depending on personal preferences: Aurica likes to use the Central Standard Note, Misha and Mir like using the Ancient Metafalss Note". And of course, that the Alpha Note could be used only within Sol Ciel.
Does this mean that the Emotional Verbs and the nouns exclusive to New Testament of Pastalie can be used only through Infel Phira? They can only be used within Metafalss?



Yeah. It's true that right now, the usage of the [Notes] depends entirely in the preferences of the singer, but the New Testament of Pastalie is the only special exception to it.
Like it was said in the previous issue, the New Testament of Pastalie can be used only through Infel Phira, and that goes both for its Emotion Verbs and exclusive nouns.
That's natural, given that these nouns and verbs were created in Infel Phira, and as such, can only be used through it.
You should try checking up the Hymmnoserver so you can understand it better, but some of the New Testament of Pastalie nouns have letters such as [LYA] appended at the beginning, which changes their meanings a little.
This means that contrary to the nouns of the other Notes, they can't be used outside of Infel Phira, given that no other Song Server is able to decode these words.
These nouns have to be obligatorily used in Infel Phira... which also means that only the IPDs are able to use them.


This goes to the Technical Service Center. We know that Frelia's Tower was built through Frelia's singing, and even though we heard that it was left incomplete, what's the relationship between her and the Tower, and what was the structure of the Song Magic execution used for its construction? Frelia's Song Magic used the power from the Tower located in Sol Ciel? Or was it some secret from the celestial sphere of Sol Mata? Or were these the powers that Frelia herself had as an Origin?
I wondered how that would work, since I think we were told in the game that both the Conductor Activator and the Rim were the product of Frelia's Song Magic.



Sol Marta receives the Symphonic Power for its operation from the First Tower.
However, the Second Tower I created currently doesn't have the powers of a Song Server, although I don't know the reasons behind it.
So, we receive Symphonic Power sent from the First Tower by putting to practical use the LDSW theories.
Sol Marta and the First Tower are connected by a straight line as two points on the space, and the Dynamic Waves containing energy sent from the First Tower can be easily transmitted through the space until they reach Sol Marta.
And of course, while these bundles of Symphonic Power would dissipate if any people entered in their traveling range, that's pretty much impossible due to the great altitude at which they travel.
The airways were controlled by the Symphonic Power flows long away too, so there never were any incidents of interference with these energy bundles.


For the Technical Service Center.
A technique for creating a small Heart of the Land was completed on Metafalss 400 years ago. But was this technique lost to time?
For example, they could have 100 Reyvateils creating small Hearts of the Land, or they could turn themselves into Hearts of the Land when they felt they were going to die, in order to produce many of them. If they did so, wouldn't it be possible to revive the nature in Ar Ciel's surface, even if it was just around Frelia's Tower?
(Kimura Shuuichi)



Well, it's that what you're saying is theoretically correct.
Still, you'd need something like a mini Infel Phira in order to make something like the Metafalica-α you're talking about.
Furthermore, the best you could get from planting them on a land would be something on the level of Mikry Forest, so you'd need a ridiculous amount of Hearts of the Land.
And since this means you'd need to get to the surface in the first place, and due to that, the points where you'd be able to place them in the land would be only a select few. And you'd also need a way to repel the "Sea of Death (poisonous atmosphere)" that would be relentlessly attacking you from the outside.
Just thinking about this is making me exhausted...



And so, this Technical Center comes to an end.
Next time we'll also wait for lots of deep questions! Well then, good day to you!



You're always so energetic for the introduction and closing, sis!



Rather, isn't it great that she's a specialist at openers and closers?

Editor's Postscript

Tks header 06

それでは、また! (土屋)

We'll start the Festa midway through March, the Drama CDs will get released next week, and we'll have the Web Radio as April begins... so Ar tonelico will continue expanding.
And this Toukousphere, which is also one of these existences we discuss about, will also have new characters appearing in it, so I'll show you all some developments that are unlike everything you've seen so far.
That's right, in preparation for April, I've made a few interesting projects where our users can participate! Please look forward to them! And make sure to take part in them when the time comes! Well then, see you later! (Tsuchiya)

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