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The bittersweet aroma is a ripened Cherry's invitation!


The calm adult times are enshrouded by the Viole.

Yes, tonight what shall give you a bittersweet time is...



Cherry & Viole's

Technical Service Center!!



Cherry & Viole's

Technical Service Center!!



It's been pretty long since we last did this.


But no matter how much time passes, it's still every bit as embarrassing as ever.



I understand the Inter-Tower Network is supposed to increase the Reyvateil's active range, or in other words, to increase the distance in which the communications between the Reyvateils and their Song Magic Servers is possible, but would it be possible for Third Generation Reyvateils connected to the First Tower to be born in the Third, as its range doesn't reach Sol Cluster?




Since I was a little involved with the Inter-Tower Network, I'll answer.

Even after the Network was made, only Third Tower Reyvateils will be born in Sol Cluster, and only First Tower Reyvateils will be born in Sol Ciel. So maybe it's impossible for First Tower Reyvateils to be born in the Third Tower.
This is because in layman's terms, the Inter-Tower Network is structured in the same way as a roaming system. You know how in your world you can call from a cellphone to a home telephone because they're connected, right? But while home telephone companies can't receive call requests for cellphones, the inverse is actually possible. This is the same as that: basically, when a First Tower Reyvateil is crafting Song Magic at the Third Tower, they're only having the Third Tower temporarily process its execution as a sorta relay for the First Tower. And that's why the "lottery" that produces Reyvateils can only take place around the First Tower. After all, the processes that cause Reyvateil qualities to manifest are completely different from the ones used for invoking Song Magic.



Hi, I'm Cherry Snow. I've actually had a question about Hymn Codes from the time 2 was released, and I decided to send them here.

All Origins and βs must have a Hymn Code for themselves, but Third Generations don't have them because they're halfbreeds of humans and Reyvateils. But in the case of girls that got the Hymn Code from someone else by pure chance (the examples among the heroines being Aurica from 1, and in contrast Luca who had been made to Download someone's D-Cellophane), would it have any effects on them?
(Cherry Snow Wisdom)



If they have a D-Cellophane, it'll be overwritten.

And actually all Reyvateils actually have a Hymn Code, no matter if they're Third Generations or not. I think it's just like you all have an ID in the net. I think you also get the right to choose a name you like such as "frelia" for that ID, but Hymn Codes are basically like those.
Since in the case of the Origins and the βs that ID was input by their creators, the Third Generations would originally have an alphanumeric value in the memory region corresponding to it, and that'd be their ID. So the ID for the Third Generations would be something strange like "r9cers$3df5%", which can't be used due to it there not being any way to recognize them, and that's the entire reason for us saying they "don't have Hymn Codes".
So while Luca actually had a senseless Hymn Code like that originally, it was rewritten into my Hymn Code due to the D-Cellophane. As for Aurica, it's because her Hymn Code actually happened to be a character string that was identical to "MIR_TEIWAZ_ARTONELICO".


「EXEC_HAIBANATION/.」とか「Ec Tisia」とか・・・

In the case of Hymmnos, does the Song get longer lyrics the more powerful their effects are over the physical world?

Like "EXEC_HIBERNATION/." and "Ec Tisia"...
Which I particularly felt were as long as the final battle Songs.



You're right. While it isn't possible to actually measure it, it empirically does give off that sensation.

Also, if you have a large number of feelings you wish the express when you sing, that would invariably make the Song longer.
And as a matter of fact, Hibernation is so long because of a different reason: as that Song must transfer the souls from a large number of people, it executes a process that needs a large amount of time to complete. Therefore, I think it's a Song that must be sung carefully, slowly and attentively.



I've got a question about the names of the Hymmnos language and the words used in them.

Several of the Hymmnos names seem to be in English, so there's any reason for that? Since it's similar to a programming language, is it easier to make descriptors for it and such with such a system?
And has it been established that the Ar tonelico world uses English and Japanese as entirely different languages? Or did it actually use Japanese originally but it adopted English as part of its main language like it actually happened at Japan?



We paid no particular attention to English for Hymmnos, and it's unintentional that there are words on it that resemble those used in English.

Actually, there are several cases in which the words are "the result of converting sounds into words right as they are", particularly in the Central Standard Note. For example, "closing a door" is "bansh" and "congratulations" is "phyue". This way, it's possible to transmit feelings without any sort of loss, as the greatest priority here was being able to output feelings into words right as they are.
Also, English and Japanese don't exist in the Ar tonelico world. If we actually had displayed the languages that are used in Ar Ciel for normal communication in the text windows, it'd have been impossible for everyone to progress through the games, correct?



Metafalica seems to be undergoing all sorts of small changes all the time, and I don't think the size and shape of the continent are an exception to this.

But how are they going to keep the continent existing when the IPD population begins decreasing due to death?
Also, would it be possible for something to take over the IPDs for preserving Metafalica?
If it wasn't possible to do that, the continent wouldn't be able to exist beyond around other 100 years... right?


大丈夫! I.P.D.は新しく発症したら、その瞬間からメタファリカと繋がるから…。というか、発症する=メタファリカ、といった方がいいかな。

It's fine! Whenever new IPDs awaken, they'll be instantly connected to Metafalica... or we could also say that their awakening makes them part of Metafalica.

Anyhow, as long as Infel Phira continues working and new IPDs awaken, we'll never have a shortage of people who will keep the continent existing.
So even if many generations pass after this and the connection between the IPDs and Metafalica becomes all mysterious, the IPDs could end up being revered even more than today's "beings supported by the Goddess" and turn into the Children of the Goddess that are connected to the land.
On the other hand, if we had a severe population decrease due to a war or something, the continent would also get smaller and smaller from it.

Editor's Postscript

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It's gotten pretty warm lately. There's only one more week left before the Golden Week, so what will be your plans for it?

I'm having the workplace turn into chaos like always at the moment, so while this should be a time for resting, I'm having to write up design documents and compile them everyday regardless of if I'm awake or asleep. Once the rest time ends, I'll have to go back to work like usual, so I can't let my attention wander away for too long.
Everyone, please make sure to get plenty of rest so you can have lots of energy for after the Golden Week ends, okay?

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