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I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to be this corner's face.

I'm more aware than anyone that I'm not fit to be here! Anyway, this is a very rare chance, right? I better scrap by as much as I can.



We've been given lots of explanations about the Generic βs before, right? I'd like to know how people got (Were they bought? Or given away?) them at the time they were made.

From the phrase "they had individual differences depending on the manufacturing company", I've got the meaning that they were given names because they were "relief measures for the people that had money but no attractive", and they had codes because they were "treated as military use equipment that could fight by singing"... but is that how it actually was? Also, I'm guessing that maybe some sad man who couldn't get anyone to marry him also managed to get a Generic β, married her and had a Third Generation child... No, I'm sure of it. But if that's the case, would that child have gotten linked to an experimental Song Magic Server used by her mother like how the children of IPDs became IPDs themselves? (Cro x Coco Is Our Justice!)



There were several Generic βs produced at the time that were made expressly for consumer use. Such tasks included house chores and dangerous works, so they were pretty much seen as beings that were like evolved versions of robots.

Of course, there actually were several cases of people buying βs just to marry them, and to have them bear children. Therefore, there should still be many Third Generations in the Third Era that are descendants from Generic βs. And that is because the linkage of the Reyvateil qualities isn't caused by the Server. Even the Third Generations descended from the Generic βs have the same base Reyvateil anatomy as any other Reyvateil, so it's very possible that they were linked to the Tower's ARTONELICO Server. However, since there also are compatibility issues, only those that descended from Generic βs that were compatible with Ar tonelico would be able to get linked to it. In other words, not all Generic βs could link with the Tower. They would be exactly the same as the Third Generations descended from IPDs and Reyvateils from the Third Tower, all of which are unable to link with Ar tonelico.



'I've got a question for Infel, though I don't know if it's an appropriate submission for the Technical Service Center.

I've noticed from looking several times at the lyrics for the second and third parts of Sublimation that the New Testament of Pastalie word "LYAlyuma" (star of the people, loosely translated as "Maiden of Mio") shows up several times. Is it because Infel likes "stars" a lot?



I like the stars, and that is because in our world, they are motherly existences to us. No matter the time, the stars always distribute their own love to every single life form equally and impartially. And that isn't just limited to Ar Ciel: it applies to every single star scattered throughout the universe.

And besides, I think that the loose translation to Maiden of Mio being "star to the people" is a very natural fact, because being the Maiden of Mio means you are the star of hope to everyone, as you are the core of the feelings for the land of Metafalica. Therefore... even if it wasn't by my own hand, I was truly happy that I could bear witness to the instant in which Metafalica was successfully created, because it was the instant in which a new star had been born.



Did Eleno and Kurogane have any sort of contact?

(Platina Citizen)



I won't say they didn't. It's true they were aware of each other's existence, and they both found themselves in positions similar to that of a parent for an Origin.

But well, I'd be very hard pressed to honestly say they had "a friendly relationship". Their research policies, stances and their ideals were completely opposed from each other. Eleno inherited the will of the Father of Sound Science, and thus raised Sis with love due to these ideals stating "positive feelings triumph against everything", while Kurogane tortured me due to his own ideals stating "negative feelings hold an explosive power". Eleno criticized Kurogane's ideas and methods harshly, and it seems it was him who drove him out from all universities and scientific societies. And whenever Kurogane saw Eleno after these incidents, Eleno was always smiling. Looks like he was always teasing him, huh? But Kurogane didn't really seem to care about Eleno or the Wave Scientists Society, as no matter how many times he was driven out, he stubbornly managed to find new patrons that would finance his research.



While it's very later for this already, Happy New Year!

I hope we'll continue seeing each other this year! Well then, there's something I wanna ask: does the planet Ar Ciel have a similar life span to the Earth in which we live? (sasurainohito)

Ar Ru1


Of course it has. I think that maybe, it's decided by the Will of "Sol (the Sun)", which is of a higher order than us. However, we don't know how much more time that will be, similarly how you are unable to know your own exact life span.

It's typically said to be of around 100,000,000,000 years, but it's impossible to actually know it.



I've been led to think that the people of each Tower moved to the surface after Ar Ciel was regenerated in 3, but what would have happened to the people who moved to Metafalica after all that trouble crafting it in 2? Did they decided to continue living on the surface?



例えば太平洋上に突然大陸が出来ても、すぐに移住しようとは思わないだろ? 毒ガスが有るかも知れないし、いつ如何なる問題が出るかもわからねぇし、何より家もインフラも店もネットもねぇ!家財一式持って引っ越すのだって、飛行機使わなくちゃいけないとか大変だとおもわねぇか?

Surprisingly, few people went down there. It may be a little shocking, but if try putting yourself in their shoes, you'll understand.

For example, if a new continent suddenly appeared in the Pacific Ocean, would you want to move there right away? You don't if there could be some kinda poisonous gas or all other sorts of trouble, and more importantly, you wouldn't have a house or any sort of basic infrastructure or net access there! And don't you think it'd be a lot of trouble to move all your belongings there if you had to use an airplane to go there? That's the same situation for us. Several guys from Archia took their stuff with them and went down, but after some time there, they resetted and went back to their usual jobs and environment. You wouldn't think now that these guys who expressly went there would be complaining about it being all kinds of unpleasant, right? Well, there's a lot of other things I haven't said about it. The details about that are told in the light novel, so make sure to read it. Under that situation, I don't think anyone would wanna leave a paradise like Metafalica, right?

Editor's Postscript

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I didn't notice it until I began looking back, but this January 27th is going to be the the Fifth Anniversary since Ar tonelico was first released. That time should feel like something very far away to everyone, especially to the students out there, as they had to change schools and their place of residence five years ago.

I can only offer you my heartfelt thanks for having supported Ar tonelico and for being at our side for such a long time. While it might be a bit modest, I think we'll be holding a Web festival in the Ar Portal to commemorate that Fifth Anniversary. Please, make sure to come and visit us when the time comes. And I hope we'll continue conversing about the Ar tonelico world from now on, together. (Tsuchiya)

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