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引鉄第3回目ですね。あっという間に12月です。年を越したらアルトネリコ3。 どうぞ期待しながらお待ち下さいませ。

Hello, it's Tsuchiya.
And it's time for the third issue of Repelling the Trigger, huh? December snuck upon us before I could even notice it. I hope you've been waiting expectantly for it.

さて、今回は何の話をしましょうか…と考えておりましたところ、雑誌の方で歌 姫紹介が取り上げられていましたので、今回はアルトネリコ3の歌曲についての お話をしたいと思います。
シリーズファンの皆様は、今作のヒュムノスも期待していただいているのではな いかと思います。アルトネリコ1の時から人気の高いヒュムノスですが、アルト ネリコ2において、そのグレードアップ、ボリュームアップを図った結果、色々 と興味深い御意見をいただきました。「今回も良かった」という御意見と「前作 と変わらない(マンネリ)」という御意見です。アルトネリコ2では、1から曲 数や演出のボリュームアップを図っては来ましたが、基本、楽曲スタンスやアー ティストさんのノリ、イメージは変えずにおりましたので、そういった御意見を 拝見した時に「確かにそうかも」と思ったものでした。
そして3です。壮大で多重コーラスのヒュムノスは、毎回皆さんの期待する所で すので、今作でもガンガンやらせていただいております。既にPVで流れているよ うな壮大な楽曲が、作中で幾つも展開していきます。その辺りをしっかり押さえ た上で、今作では今までに出来なかった事に、色々挑戦しています。その中でも 特に、アーティストさんの再編成と、楽曲の傾向の拡大は、大きな挑戦でありま した。3作目からという事もあり、新たにご参加いただいたアーティストさんに とってはハードルが高かったと思います。実際説明するのに随分声も枯れました し(笑)、それをアーティスト人数分やっていますので、聞く方も大変だっただ ろうなぁと思います。しかし、そのようにして世界観を掴んでいただいて、今作 でもしっかりとシーンにあった、物語と連動する詩を作り上げています。そして 方向性に関しても、今までに無かった傾向の詩に挑戦しています。と言っても、 安易にポップス的な楽曲を増やしたりはしていません。コーラスももちろん健在 ですし、ファンの皆様に絶対に好きになってもらえる濃い曲が目白押しだと確信 しています。どんな曲かは一言で説明できませんので、是非試聴が始まったら聴 いてみて下さい。
また、アルトネリコ3のヒュムノス曲で特記すべき点としては、戦闘曲の比率が 高いという事でしょうか(厳密には、演出→戦闘の流れが多いですね)。今作は R.A.H.システムも有りますし、ボス曲ではボスのヒュムノスに合わせて戦闘をす るという形になりますので、ザコ戦もボス戦もかなり盛り上がるのではないかと 思います。
前作までで皆さんから高い評価をいただいていた、安定した壮大ヒュムノスと、 新たな冒険のヒュムノス。これらがブレンドされたアルトネリコ3のヒュムノス が、今までとは違う感動を皆さんに与えられることを信じています。

Well then, I was thinking which topic I'd pick for this time around... And since magazine readers must have already been introduced to the singer line-up, I think we'll talk about the songs for Ar tonelico 3.
I've been thinking that most likely, the series' fans must be really expecting to hear the Hymmnos for this iteration. The Hymmnos have been the most popular songs from Ar tonelico 1, and as result of the upgrade and volume-up we attempted to do on them for Ar tonelico 2, I could get all sorts of interesting opinions on them, which included things that went from "They were great this time too!" to "They didn't change at all from the first game (mere copy-pasting)". While we tried increasing the song number and doing a volume-up on their production on the passage from Ar tonelico 1 to Ar tonelico 2, I got some opinions that basically stated that due to the songs' stances and the artists own pecularities, their images weren't different from each other, which got me thinking "maybe they're right" after I read them.
And so we come to 3. As everyone is always looking forward to grandiose multi-choral Hymmnos like the ones we made previously, we made them as intense as we could. You'll see several grandiose songs being deployed throughout the story that are just like the one that could be heard in the PV we put out. And now we've made that clear, I want to add that I tried challenging many things I couldn't do before for this game. These are great challenges that include reshuffling the artist line-up and expanding the song trends used for the game. And since it's the third in a series, I think taking part in it was a very difficult battle for the artists themselves. I felt I was going to lose my voice when I was explaining everything to them (*laughs*), but since there were so many artists, I think listening to these explanations was pretty hard on them too. However, it was by doing this that they could clearly grasp the world setting, the way the scenes were set for the game, and make the songs in a way that linked perfectly with the game's own story. And as far as the trends are concerned, we challenged several song trends that had never been seen before in the series. But even if I say it myself, we didn't take the easy way out of increasing the number of pop-ish songs in it. Of course there are also as many choral numbers as always, so I'm very confident that all fans out there will come to like and will be jostling about how deep these songs are. There's no way I can explain how these songs are in a few words, so please look forward to listening to them with your own ears.
And among the Hymmnos songs for Ar tonelico 3, I think the ones that ought to be called the most special among them are the ones that also get used in battle (strictly speaking, there are many points where the "song is sung -> boss battle" presentation is used). Given that the RAH System was also implemented for this game, boss battles will have you matching your fighting to the rhythm of the boss' Hymmnos, so I think this will allow you to have exciting battles no matter if you're fighting against a small fry or against a boss.
Thanks to the great worth you all have placed into them from the previous games, this time we'll have the orthodox grandiose Hymmnos and styles of Hymmnos that are a new adventure for all of us. I believe that the Ar tonelico 3 Hymmnos will be able to stir completely different feelings on you after they manage to gain your friendship.


Well then, we'll stop here for today.

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