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引鉄第二回となります今回も、前回に引き続きアルトネリコ3の制作秘話などを お話ししていきたいと思います。

Hello, it's Tsuchiya.
Now the time has come for the second issue of Repelling the Trigger, I think we'll pick up right where we left off and talk about some secret stories related to Ar tonelico 3's creation.

アルトネリコは毎回、ヒロインとの絆がポイントとなる戦闘システムをコンセプ トに、日夜色々なネタをひねり出しながら試行錯誤しています。そして、無謀に も毎回ほぼ新システムを搭載する形になっているわけですが、今作でもアルトネ リコ1,2とは違った戦闘システムをお届けできる形となりました。よりヒロイ ンを護りながら戦闘をするという感覚が強くなった、自由度の高い戦闘です。基 本的な流れは前作までと同じで、前衛が頑張って格好良く敵と戦うことで、ヒロ インの士気が上がり、詩魔法のバーストゲージがぐんぐんあがるという感じです。 その盛り上げ方も、前作までを踏襲しつつ、より積極的にアピール→アップとい う形を表現しています。
その戦闘でも、今回最も特徴的なのが、ヒロインが身 も心も解き放ち、外界から力を授かって詩魔法を強化するという、今作初の新シ ステムです。雑誌などを読まれている方は、このシステムに最も注目されたので はないでしょうか。こんなネタが一体どこからわき出てきたのか…と思われる方 もいるのではないかと思いますが、何のことはない、社員との与太話から生まれ てくるものだったりするわけです。アルトネリコ2の「お風呂システム」誕生秘 話を前にお話した事がありますが(知らない人のために説明しますと、パワーアッ プシステムの会議をしているとき、みんなダレてきてくだらない話をし始めたり するわけですが、そのとき100%冗談で、「もうお風呂に入るくらいしか無い だろー」的な話をしたらそれが現実になってしまった、という逸話です)、今作 のパージシステムも、始まりは大して変わりません。実はこの話は、アルポータ ル本(アルトネリコ・ファンブック)の「某所」に書かれる予定でしたが、ちょっ と危ないと感じて消しました。何が危ないって、きっとアルトネリコのファンの 皆さんは、そんなこと書いたら「間違いなく次回作はこれで来る」と思うでしょ う?過去の羽目の外し方から推測するに、信憑性が高すぎる話だと思いまして。 そして、「まさかなぁ…」と思われる話だけを誌面に残しました。アルトネリコ ・ファンブックをお持ちの方は、後ろの方にある開発者の裏話、「てつくず」の 寄稿を読んでみてください。「あああーー」と思うかも知れません。ちなみに、 そこに書かれている事の、他の要素は実装されていませんのであしからず。

This time, we'll talk about some things related to the battle system.
As the battle system has been conceptualized as part of the points where bonds are established with the heroines in every single installment of Ar tonelico, I'm always carrying out trial-and-errors experiments while trying to think up of material that fits these ideas. And since this ends leading up to me recklessly implementing almost completely new systems for each game, that means this game also ended having a battle system that is significantly different from the ones seen in 1 and 2. I wanted to strengthen even further the feeling of fighting while protecting the heroine and give the battles a higher degree of freedom. So the basic flow for the battles will be the same as usual, meaning that if the vanguards do their best and fight against the enemies in a cool way, this will raise the heroine's morale and that will also increase the speed at which the Song Magic's Burst Gauge charges. And to make things even more exciting, we decided to follow on what we had made in the previous games and depict things in a more appealing way and in a more proactive manner this time around.
The most special feature the battles in this game will have are that the heroine will release both her body and her heart, and borrow power from the outer world in order to strengthen her Song Magic, which was the first system we unveiled for this game. Those who read the magazines must surely know what I'm talking about and most likely are also very wary of it. Some of you must be wondering "Where did he get that idea from...?", but it really wasn't anything grand: it started just as mere idle gossip among the company staff. I said something similar when I told the secret stories about the birth of the [Bathtub System] that was used in Ar tonelico 2 (I'll briefly explain it for those who don't know it; that was an anecdote where we held a design meeting to discuss the power-up systems we were going to implement, in which someone among all the people for that purpose ended up making absurd suggestions, all of which were 100% intended as a joke, but once someone came out and said "Heck, y'all know there's no other way for them to get stronger. Just put 'em into the bath!", and we just took that idea and made it a real thing), but the Purge System used here began as a mere joke too. We actually intended to publish this whole story on a [certain part] of the Ar Portal recopilatory book (Ar tonelico Fanbook) too, but we felt it was a tad too risky and thus removed it from there. As for why it was so risky, it was because if the Ar tonelico fans saw it published in there, I don't think it'd be unreasonable to think they would surely start speculating "They're gonna put this in the next game, no doubt about it", right? As you might be guessing from the panels we removed in the past, that possibility is far too credible to risk it. And that ended remaining in the pages of a magazine that are sure to make you all go "No way..." after you've finished reading this. As for those who own the Ar tonelico Fanbook, please make sure to take a look at one of the hidden developer's stories written on it: the one contributed by [Iron Scrap]. Maybe it'll make you go "Aaaah!"
By the way, don't get me wrong: nothing else of what's written there is going to be implemented on this game.


Well then, it's time to bid you all farewell for this issue.
See you next time!

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