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天覇新聞に名前が変わって2回目です。せっかく名前が変わっても書くことが変 わらなかったらつまらないなぁと思いつつ、やはり皆さんが楽しめる(独りよが りにならない)もの、といいますと、アルトネ関連の話かなぁなどと思っていま す。
ノリとしては、前よりも砕けたもの…単方向ブログのようなものですので、最近 見た映画の感想などでもいいのでしょうけどね。余談ですが、最近見た映画の中 でイチオシはブレイブストーリーです。興味有る方は是非。泣けますよー。

Hello everyone, it's Tsuchiya.
This is the second issue we've published ever since we changed this column's name to Tenba News. I've been thinking that everything would get stale if the topics I write about are always the same ones even after the name change, and in order to make it into something you all can enjoy (while trying to avoid as much as possible making it into a self-complacent corner), I thought I'd start talking about the AT-related products that are incoming.
And to set the mood, I got broken into pieces a little earlier... Since this column is like a unidirectional blog, maybe it'd be good to give you my impressions on the movies I watched recently. It might be a digression, but the movie I'd recommend the most among the ones I watched lately would be Brave Story. If you're interested, please go watch it. It's sure to make you cry!

さて、今アルトネ関連で書きたいことといえば…クレアCDのこと、志方さんのセ カンドアルバムのこと、霜月さんのライブのこと、あと、さぽているのこと、か なぁ。

Well then, about the AT-related goods I wante to talk about... I think these would be the Claire CD, Shikata-san's second album, Shimotsuki-san's live concert and the Supporteils.

まず、クレアCDのこと。これからアルポータルでも8月末迄クレアCD特集をやり ます。8/6にCDのマスター提出が行われて、初めてホンモノを聴きましたよ。 ノッケから来てますよ~。CDを再生して1音目でグッと来ます。間違いない。ヒュ ムノスファンは絶対に来ます。内容としては、詩と語りのMIXが素晴らしいです。 ゲームのアルトネリコでも、歌曲の間奏でセリフを喋ったり(シュレリアのサス ペンドなどはそうでしたよね)という演出をやりましたが、アレを更にパワーアッ プさせたような作りになっています。実際にヒュムノスを謳っている現場って、 こんな感じなのかなぁというのが伝わる一枚になるかと。
さて、このクレアCDですが、なんと「さぽている」で期間限定の歌曲追加が行わ れます!さぽているを導入されている方は、期間限定ではありますが、クレアCD の曲をWEBのBGMとして流せるという、ちょっとお得な企画です。期間中新規で 「さぽている」を導入した方は、導入した瞬間から歌を聴くことが出来ますよ。 もちろん公式WEBでも試聴を用意します。ご期待ください!

First, let's go over the Claire CD. From now on, we'll feature the Claire CD even on the Ar Portal until the end of August. I got the CD's master this 8/6 and could get a listen to the actual thing for the first time. It was great from the first moment~! I was moved right from the moment the first sound came out after I started playing the CD. There's no mistake, I'm sure all Hymmnos fans will be attracted by it. As for its contents, the mix of the Songs and the spoken lines is wonderful. This was also something we did for the Ar tonelico game, as we produced scenes where we had spoken lines being recited while a Song was being played (like for example, when Shurelia sings Suspend), and we made this by powering up that kind of production even further. In fact, what I might have wanted to transmit to you all was the so-great feeling from the scenes where the Hymmnos are actually sung.
Well then, the [Supporteils] will have the Songs from the Claire CD added to their options for a limited time! To those who are just hearing about the Supporteils now, this is an economical project that will last for just a limited time, but you'll be able to play the Claire CD songs as BGM for your website. For as long as the project lasts, you'll be able to hear the songs right from the moment you finish registering your own [Supporteil]. And of course we're preparing song samples in the official website as well. Please look forward to it!

次、志方さんのセカンドアルバムのこと。先日東京某所で行われたトークショー でも志方さんがお話しされていたように、「謳う丘」のロングバージョンが収録 されることになりました!どれくらいロングかというとですね…えと、確か5分 40秒くらいだったと思います。6分行くんじゃないかとヒヤヒヤしながら創っ ていた記憶だけが残っています(笑)。正式名は「謳う丘~EXEC_HARVESTASYA/.」。 あれ、ヒュムノス?と思った方は鋭い!そうです。今回の謳う丘は、完全リメイ クで全て1から書き起こしています。そして、ヒュムノスとして「歴史背景」 「物語」「想い」「効能」もしっかり設定されています。今回の謳う丘で是非感 じて欲しいのが、この物語の部分。6分弱にもなってしまった理由がこれです。 1曲の中に導入から結末まで1本の物語が込められているのです。実際、アレン ジ期間として自分で決めた期間が2週間だったのですが、調子に乗って本当に2 週間分の時間まるまるかけてしまいました。…アレです、1日8時間ずつとか、 そういう甘っちょろい2週間じゃなくて、食べてる時間と仮眠時間以外は全部謳 う丘の2週間でした…いや、アレは今思えば凄いトランスしてた…。コーラスパー ト数(重ね数)は過去最高。間違いないです。
謳う丘に関しても、8月下旬頃にアルポータルでWEB上企画を予定しています。 きっとこぼれ話なども出てくると思いますので、お楽しみに!

Next is Shikata-san's second album. It seems Shikata-san mentioned it in a talk show that was held at a certain place in Tokyo the other day, but we have recorded a long version of [Singing Hill]! As for how long it is... I think it was about 5 minutes 40 seconds long. I felt scared that we'd end up making it over six minutes in length, but now these fears remain only as memories (*laughs*) The official name for this version is [Singing Hill -EXEC_HARVESTASYA/.-] If you're thinking, "Huh, a Hymmnos?", you're very sharp! That's right. This Singing Hill is a complete remake that was rewritten from scratch. And as a Hymmnos, it is configured tightly by the following elements: [historical background], [story], [feelings] and [effect], but the part I want you all to feel the strongest in this Singing Hill is the story one. This is also the reason why it ended being just a bit short of six minutes in length, because this single song contains and tells from its beginning to its end a story. Actually, I had decided on my own that I'd take two weeks to arrange the song from scratch, but I got so much into it as I worked that it ended being the time it actually took me to finish it... This was because I worked about eight hours a day on it, so that period of two weeks didn't end up being optimistic in the slightest, as leaving aside the time I was eating or napping, the rest of it was completely working on Singing Hill for two weeks... No, on hindsight it'd be better to call it an amazing trance I got into... And the number of choral parts (overlapping voices) is the highest I've ever made. There's no mistake on it.
About Singing Hill itself, we have some plans related to it for a web project in the Ar Portal we'll unveil in the final weeks of August. I'm sure some snippets of it and other things will be making their appearance, so please look forward to it!

次、霜月さんのライブ「時計台のある街で」が昨日行われまして、見に行ってき ました。いやー、やっぱりライブはいいですね。毎日修羅道まっしぐらの中、久 しぶりに癒されてきましたよ。彼女の曲は6拍子や5拍子の曲が多いので、民族 スキーの私は最初から最後まで大満足。プレゼント企画などもあり、ファンとの 距離がとても近いライブでした。やっぱりこうでないとね。彼女にイリスのアト リエOP曲「白夜幻想譚」を歌ってもらうきっかけ(すなわちアルトネで参加する きっかけ)となった歌「精霊祀」を聴いたときには泣けました。あれからもう4 年も経ったんですね~。
ライブに行くといつも、ヒュムノスコンサートリアル版やりてー!って衝動に駆 られます。うん、やりたいやりたい!実現したら絶対泣くね!私自身が…。とい いつつ、隙あらば実現を目論んでいますが、期待しないで生暖かい目で見守って やってください。

Next is the live Shimotsuki-san did the other day, which was called [In a City with a Clock Tower], and I went to watch it. Yuup, lives are a really nice experience. This served as a long-needed dose of healing within these constant days of fighting. Her songs feature frequently 6-beat and 5-beat measures, so I was really satisfied from start to end with it because I really love folk music. There's also a present-giving project going on for it, so it was a live where the gap between fans and creators is really small. This is the sort of thing I'd like to do. And when I heard her sing [Festival of the Spirits], which was the song that prompted me to ask her to sing the Atelier Iris OP [White Night Illusion] (and also allowed me to ask her to take part in AT), I cried. It's been already four years since I first listened to it~
I'm always going to lives, so I want to run off full speed ahead to try and do this: "Let's make a real-version Hymmnos Concert!" Yes, I really want to do it! I'm sure I'd cry if we actually managed to carry it out! I personally want it... And I'd like to plan on doing it if we ever get the chance, so please watch over me with lukewarm eyes so you won't end up getting disappointed.

そして「さぽている」のこと。私も参加してます。よろしければ遊びに来てくだ さい。
オープン当時から「さぽている」に参加されている方は、そろそろ薄々気づいて いるのではないかと思いますが、このアプリ、一人でプレイすると相当根気が要 ります。材料集めと調合で使うパラメータが相反するものなので、高度なアイテ ムを調合したり、遠くへ出かけたりするようになるほど、更にしんどくなってき ます。「さぽている」は皆さんでトレードや情報交換をしながら楽しむことを前 提にしたアプリです。ですから、是非みなさんでアイテムを交換し合ったり、レ シピを共有し合ったりしてみてください。

And we finally come to the [Supporteils]. I've registered one myself, so if you're okay with it, please come and play with her.
I'm sure those who have been participating in the [Supporteil] game ever since we started it must have already gotten a vague idea of it, but this application is actually a game that requires a lot of patience and perseverance when playing it on your own. The parameters used for material gathering and synthesis are opposite to each other, so it's sure to make you wonder if you should focus more on synthesizing advanced items or traveling to the more distant areas. That's why we also established it as an application that allows players to have fun while trading items and exchanging information with each other. Therefore, please make sure to trade items and share the recipes you find with each other.

そうそう、まだ皆さんが見たことがない機能なども結構ありますよ。その1つを 紹介しましょう。他のオーナーのレーヴァテイルから手紙が届くことがあります。 もちろん、そのレーヴァテイルと「仲良くなったら」です。ゲストとしてではな く、オーナーとして仲良くなる必要があります。隣人さんと、ジャンジャン交流 してみてくださいね。

And yes, there's also many other functions to them you still haven't seen. Here I'll introduce one of them: you can receive letters from the other players' Reyvateils. Of course, that will only happen once [you've made friends] with that particular Reyvateil. It won't work if you access them as a guest, so you'll need to make friends with them as an actual player. Therefore, please make sure to always keep in touch with your neighbors.


Well then, we'll stop here for now.
I might have said too much... I have no material left for the next issue.
But I'll do my best to come up with something before the next two weeks are finished.
See you all then!

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