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Hello everyone, it's Tsuchiya, and I have decided to try and continue regularly updating the Firefly Alley Citizen's BBS. From now on, however, and until who knows when, I have decided that we will talk [Not about the game itself, but about the underside of the underside of what we expected to set in it!]. As always, the posts will be about things that I randomly thought about, but I'll be glad if you can still look forward to them.


Well then, to commemorate the first issue in which we will discuss these contents, I've decided to explain about the meanings hidden in [Singing Hill]. The explanation about its Japanese lines are somewhat difficult, because, it doesn't follow the rules of classical Japanese grammar, nor it's written entirely in Kanji, so we could say that it's written somewhat in an [Constructed Grammar]. But as a consequence of coming up with a language based on feelings, I thought that maybe, I should have explained too about every single one of the feelings that give its unique shape to this song: [Singing Hill].
Even if it's somewhat late to say it, I still felt that I wanted to tell you all about the [Feelings] I intended this song to transmit, so now, here you all have the feelings contained in the Japanese parts of [Singing Hill].

天上を翔舞う 霊囁き結えば
~もし貴方が嬉しさに溢れているとき その気持ちを詩にして聴かせて

Amakami o kakemau tama sasayaki yueba
Once the spiritual murmurings that dance through the heavens connect

If you ever were to be overflowing with happiness, pour these feelings into a Song and make it heard
"Dance through the heavens" is a metaphor for happiness, and the "spiritual murmurings" are the power of the words, or rather, of the songs, while "connect" means to sing them.

冠火降り満ちて 何人幸織り成せ
~今のまぶしさをフィドルに込めて その光が世界を照らし皆を暖めるように

Kanmuribi furi michite nanihito yuki orinase
their crown of fire will fully descend, interweaving the happiness of everyone.

The radiance of the present, contained in a fiddle, will illuminate this world, and enshroud everyone in warmth.
The "crown of fire" refers to the holy light.

五月雨の藍海を 唯流るる声は
~もし貴方が涙に伏せていたなら その切なさを詩にして聴かせて

Samidare no aimi o tada nagaruru koe wa
A voice merely pours the indigo sea of an early summer rain

If you sometime were to hide your tears, then pour that pain into a Song and make it heard
The "indigo sea" refers to the tears of sadness. "By merely pours", it means that you shouldn't hide your feelings, and that you should just let them out.

~移ろいゆく刻をリュートに忍ばせて ゆらぐ想いを1つずつ噛みしめながら

Utsuroi sakanagi oboroge na furusato no ne
Containing changing, reversed, and faint sounds of birthplaces

The shifting time is hidden inside a lute, and while it chews on the trembling feelings, one by one,
By "changing, reversed and faint", it means the coming and going, and also, the insecurity of our hearts.
On the other hand, "sounds of birthplaces" means your past memories.

奏で鳴り吹く凱亜 空に響き相成せば
~どこかの誰かが貴方の心に共鳴し ひとつに繋がり大きな輪となる</ br> 凱亜(=ガイア)は、この世界全体を意味する。

Kanade narifuku gaia sora ni hibiki ainaseba
When the gaias we sing echo with each other in the skies,

By being somewhere another person that sympathizes with your heart, We all become connected by a great wheel,
"Gaia" means the entirety of this world. And by "singing" them through your voice,
[singing them (making them resound) and making them echo (singing them together)], it means to turn them into one in the firmament.

飛翔く 祈りの謳 纏ひて
~貴方の想いが風に乗り 海を駆け 遠くの街まで繋がっていくから

Tobekaku inori no uta matoite
they would be clad in the soaring Song of a prayer.

Your feelings will ride the wind, cross the sea, because they will go and connect to the farthest of the cities.
By "soaring", it means that they will ride even in the farthest winds
and by "Song of prayer", it means your own feelings, and by "clad in", it means to ride on the winds.

安らぎの丘 涙の硝子 記憶の箱 想いの碑
~安らぎの平野 涙のガラス 記憶の箱 想いの生糸

Yasuragi no oka namida no garasu kioku no hako omoi no hi
The hills of peace, the glass sheets of tears, the boxes of memories, the monuments of feelings

The plains of peace, the glass of the tears, the box of memories, and the silk threads of the feelings.

一重幾重の虚ろふ生糸 魂の根結び繋ぐ
~一言ずつにその力を込め 重なり合い 流れ渡り 絡み合う精霊の息吹

Hitoe ikue no utsurou kiito tamashii no ne musubitsunagu
One, multiple blank silk threads tie and connect the roots of the souls

Each word you say contains power, and they overlap, flow and cross with each other, and entwine with the breath of the spirits of the wind.
By single and multiple, it refers to your feelings and the feelings of other person(s),
By "blank", it means to how airily these feelings flow, similarly to silk threads,
and by "connecting the roots of the souls", it says how the feelings are transmitted and connect with each other.

たゆたう無の海 精霊の風息
~その唇振るわせ耳元で囁く旋律 鼓動を静め瞼を閉じ体全てで感じてる

Tayutau mu no umi shourei no kazeiki
Within the swaying ocean of nothingness, within the spirits' breath of wind

These trembling lips are whispering a melody close to your ears,
If you gently close your eyelids, you will be able to feel the pulse of all of them,
The "ocean of nothingness" refers to the innocence inside your heart, and by relaxedly floating in it, you are receiving that innocence,
the "spirits" are the personification of the transmission of feelings, while their "breath of wind" are the feelings themselves.

溶け結ふ曼荼羅に 謳ひの御子あれ

Tokeyuu mandara ni utai no miko are
Within the mandala that melt and connect together, may you be there, singing priestesses

the pulse of all the hearts melting into one.
The "Mandala" refers to the hearts (and furthermore, to their deepest areas), while the "melting and connecting" is a metaphor for connecting the consciousness existent in the depths of the hearts.
And the "singing priestesses" refer to those whose lives are the closest to understanding the truth about this world.


This means that if you accepted all of of that in a relaxed way, the people would be able to connect their feelings with others', and if they were able of doing so, they would be able to coexist with each other... that is the picture that this Song paints.


And by containing that kind of feelings, is that I ended creating this song.
Were these feelings transmitted successfully?

さて、次回は「延命剤シーンに託した想い」という話題に触れてみたいと思います。 それでは、また次回!

Well then, I think the next time we'll try touching the subject of [The Feelings I Entrusted to the Life Extending Agent Scene], so, see you all next time!

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