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Hello everyone, Tsuchiya here.
While the traffic lights story from the previous issue was like a little break from the Scoop Agency, I thought it'd be a good idea to go back to the Ar tonelico-related topics this time around. This time, we'll pick up a topic I thought... would be pretty interesting to discuss, as from among the topics you brought to me while saying "I'd like you to talk about this!", this one is one of the most curious.

バイナリ野ネームとは、言わずと知れたバイナリ野専用の名前のことで、いわゆ る「原瀬頼奈(=ライナー)」といった、日本語名の事です。今回はこのバイナリ野名の名前の由来についてお話ししてみたいと思います。

This time, I'll talk about the Binary Field names.
It should go without saying, but the Binary Field names are these used exclusively for the Binary Field scenarios: the Japanese names like "Harase Raina (Lyner)". This time, I'll tell you all how these names originated.

ミシャが彌紗のままなのは、元々漢字名だからです。名字がないのは、暗躍キャラだから。作中でも彌紗が本名かどうかはどこでも語っていません。 塔ヶ崎澪羅は「塔の先っぽ(リンカーネイション)に住んでいるシュレリア(澪 羅)」という所からですね。番外編の塔ヶ崎美羽も同じです。美羽は当然ミュールからの美羽です。

First, let's begin with Ar tonelico 1.
"Harase Raina" should be pretty easy to figure out. "Raina" is Lyner, and "Harase" comes from Barsett. Next, we have "Motomiya Orika". Orika of course comes from Aurica, although I wonder how many people picked up where her surname Motomiya comes from (*laughs*). Motomiya is of course taken from Nestmile, as the meaning of Nest should be obvious to everyone out there. And since nests are generally located on trees ("moto"), and "miya" (sanctuary) is made by parodying Mile, we get Motomiya. It's still a bit awkward, though.
Misha keeps her original name, although written in its original kanji. She doesn't have a surname here due to being a character that works in secret. Her full name is never told in the stories themselves. As for Togasaki Leila, it comes from the phrase "the Shurelia (Leila) who lives at the top of the Tower (togasaki = the Rinkernator)". The same goes for the unrelated character Togasaki Miu. And of course, Miu comes from the original pronunciation for Mir's name (myule).

「馬渡畔章(まわたくろあき)」ですが、畔章はクロア。馬渡はバーテルのバー が馬、テルが渡(わたる)から取っています。意外と緩い範囲で命名しているので、元ネタが分からなくて当然かと思います。次に「真辺るかあ(まなべるか)」ですが、これは「トゥルーリーワース」の「トゥルー」で「真」で、辺に関しては、実は元ネタはありません。本当は「ワース」で意味が「価値」なので、その辺りから持ってこようと思ったのですが、上手く名字にならず挫折。クローシェ 様は、「緑野麗珠(みどりのれいす)」です。麗珠はレース。クローシェもレー スという意味がありますから、名前はわかりやすいですね。名字も「緑野」は、 当然メタファリカから来ています(緑の大地)。次が名字だけの寂しい樽賀。もう説明する必要もありません。更に酷い「変太」(チェスター)ですが、これはチェス→ヒュムノス語のchs→意味が「変化する」→変、で「太」は「ター」か ら。最初はあんまりだろー、と自分でも思いましたが、役柄が役柄なのでそのまま採用してしまいました。そして「円田ふるる(えんたふるる)」。ふるるはフレリア、円田というのは、わざと「えんた」と読ませてはぐらかしていますが、 日本語名字で円田さんといえば、読み方は「まるた」さんが多いのです。マルタといえば、ソル・マルタですよね。「塔ヶ崎澪羅」が「塔のシュレリア」なら、 「円田ふるる」は「ソル・マルタのフレリア」という事です。

And continuing on, we have the ones from Ar tonelico 2.
For "Mawata Kuroaki", Kuroaki comes from the pronunciation for Croix's name (croa). As for Mawata, the "Ma" can also be pronounced as "Ba", making it come from the "Ba" of "Bartel", while the "tel" is turned here into "wataru". While the naming methods are unexpectedly lenient, it also makes the names harder to discern to anyone else. Next, we have "Manabe Ruka" of which "Ma" (truth) comes from the "True" of "Trulywaath". As for the "nabe" part, it has nothing of special, as the "waath" can also be pronounced as "worth" and give to it that same meaning, although I think it's quite frustrating we couldn't make a better surname for her. As for Lady Chroche, her name here is "Midorino Reisu". Reisu is pronounced similarly to "lace", and since Chroche's name comes from a type of lace (crochet), the name should be pretty much self-explanatory. The surname "Midorino" (green field), obviously comes from Metafalica (the green land). Next, we have the lonesome Taruga (part of this name being composed by the kanji for "barrel"), who only has a surname. Further explanations should be unnecessary about him. As for the much more cruel "Henta" (Chester), the process for him went more or less: Ches -> the Hymmnos word "chs" -> the meaning for chs in Japanese "変化する" (to change) -> we took the kanji "変" from the meaning and added the kanji "太" (ta) at the end as a simile to the "ter" in his original name. At the beginning, I thought myself it was a bit excessive, but we ended using it like that because it fit well the role he was playing in there. Finally, we have "Enta Fururu". Fururu comes from Frelia, and as for Enta, while we gave it that reading on purpose, there are several cases in which that surname (円田) gets read as "maruta" instead. This "maruta" would come from Sol Marta, obviously. So if "Togasaki Leila" means "Shurelia from the Tower", "Enta Fururu" would mean "Frelia from Sol Marta".

こんな感じで、ざっと駆け足で名前の元ネタを公開してみました。もし漏れているキャラが有りましたらすみません。 それでは次回は何にしようかと考えながら、今回はこの辺でおいとましたいと思います。

I wanted to reveal roughly and quickly this information about the names, so that's why it feels a bit rushed. I'm sorry if I left any characters out of these explanations. And well, I have to ponder what we'll be doing for the next time, so we'll end this issue here.
Okay then, see you all later!

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