Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
A.B.R.γ (eibiaru-ganma)
ABR Gamma
Monster Card:A.B.R.γ
Level HP
45 9260
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
654 521 0 48
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
0 0 0 0
EXP Leaf
300 1500
Location Singing Hill
Class Boss
Abilities Flame Sprayr

Deep Freeze
Thunder Shower
Master Bit
Double Impact
Delete Mode
(Status Immunity)

Grade 4 Drop ASL Circuit
Grade 3 Drop Paradox Eye
Grade 2 Drop RC: Mysterious Liquid
Grade 1 Drop MC: A.B.R.γ
DescriptionOne of the three ABR tower guardians. The γ model. While combined, it will gather energy and blast a strong photon cannon.

First Battle

The final enemy of the A.B.R. series, this boss is the one with the largest number of skills among them. It can use the skills Flame Spray, Deep Freeze, Thunder Shower, Master Bit, Double Impact, and Delete Mode. Flame Spray causes Fire-elemental damage to a single target; Deep Freeze causes Ice-elemental damage and reduces the Speed of its target; Thunder Shower causes Thunder-elemental damage and Paralyzes its target, Master Bit causes physical damage to all vanguards; Double Impact causes physical damage to a single target; and finally, Delete Mode changes it to attack mode, making it more agressive and prone to using its elemental attacks and Master Bit.

During this battle, you will only have Jack and Aurica fighting alongside Lyner, so you will have to take extra care, especially because of the Paralysis-inducing capabilities of Thunder Shower. Since the A.B.R.γ likes using said attack so much, it's a good idea to put Aurica's recently learned Thunder Guard Blue Magic to good use to protect your party against it. Also, since this A.B.R. can't absorb Red Magic like A.B.R.β, feel free to blast him away with the strongest Songs Aurica has learned.

Second Battle

Main article: A.B.R.

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