Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
A.B.R.α (eibiaaru-arufa)
ABR Alpha
Monster Card:A.B.R.α
Level HP
18 4000
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
232 154 0 36
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
25 25 25 25
EXP Leaf
150 1000
Location Airport City Nemo
Class Boss
Abilities Pulse Laser

Homing Bit
Powered Dive
Full Recovery
Status Immunity

Grade 4 Drop Airmetal
Grade 3 Drop Metal Frame
Grade 2 Drop Small Gear (Cog)
Grade 1 Drop MC: A.B.R.α
DescriptionOne of the three ABR tower guardians. It is pretty strong on its own. The α model. If attacked while combined, the automatic recovery system will activate.

First Battle

The first true boss battle in the game, it also doubles as an small tutorial for the role of Reyvateils in battle. The A.B.R.α has the following attacks: Pulse Laser, which causes average single-target physical damage; Homing Bit, which deals physical damage to all vanguards; Powered Dive, which deals large single-target physical damage; and finally, Full Recovery, which partially restores its HP. Although this is a boss battle, the ABR shouldn't pose major problems as long as Aurica sings Boom for all the time her MP allows her, and you can use it as an ocassion to test out the Harmonics system.

Second Battle

Main article: A.B.R.

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